Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sometimes a person knows

     The visit by the President, at substantial taxpayer expense, to Cushing, Oklahoma to "cut the ribbon" on a pipeline to the Orange-Port Arthur, Texas refinery and petro-chemical complex is an exercise in mendaciousness that is almost equal to the entire W.J.Clinton and H.R.Clinton Administration's  eight years of raging lies and deviancy.
     Suffice it to say that Barak Hussein Obama has done nothing to enhance the production of clean coal, natural gas, or oil ever in his life, since the day of his birth to this point, and such will be the case probably well beyond these days.    Suffice it to say, as well, that he has done nothing to facilitate the safe transport of said materials at any time during his remarkably mendacious life.   He probably never will.
Obama Pinocchio
O'bama surpasses William Jefferson Blythe's whopper.  Blythe's
was, "I've never worked so hard in my life trying to find a way to come up
with a middle class tax cut like I promised during the elections, but
there is just no way.   Things are worse than we thought, and it's
George Bush's fault.   He did not inform us, and I have no other
choice except to propose a tax increase on the middle class."
Barak Hussein O'bama says yesterday he has no way to affect the
 market price ofoil.   To-day he says that he is moving to fast-pace
 this pipeline so that he can affect the price of oil.
   These are the utterings of a psychotic,
 mendacious madman.
         Mr. President, my family and I have been royalty holders in Texas for three generations.   I have worked, in a dilettante way on a couple of occasions on drilling rigs.   El Gringo Viejo has worked peripherally near and on edge of the oil and gas business for the better part of a half-century.    I listened to your talk in Cushing, Oklahoma to-day.   I accuse you,   I charge you, of being the worst of what a liar is.   You contradicted the very things you said a day ago, a week ago, a month ago, a quarter ago, a year ago, before you were elected to the office you hold now, when you were a worthless senator representing mendaciously a State of this Union that suffers mendacious fools such as yourself in office.   You are a chronic, pathological liar.
     Further, you have had nothing to do with the Cushing - Port Arthur line.   It is the work of big business, smaller companies, investors large and small, thousands of highly skilled pipeliners who work with huge machines and tiny devices to perform "miracles of tons under pressure going a long way away".    You do not understand the science, the engineering, the financing, the risks, the training, skills, education, and experience involved in this matter.   Furthermore it is an issue of State to State, private to private.   It works precisely because you had nothing to do with it.   Had you had anything to do with the Cushing line, the project would, like the Canadian leg, be sitting idle now.
      That is because you hate America.   You hate private economic activity.  You want a homogeneous society of people beholden to the central government for clothes, food, shelter, and medical service.   You want a society with those people living in projects, while you and your fellow-marxist wife can live on the other side of the divide between the 'proles' and the control people.   That is because you see yourself as one of the control people because you are smarter and better than the rest.     And you will make American pay for her sins.   And you will make white people pay.   And you will make conservative black and latino pay for being "sell-outs".
      Ninety percent of the people who heard you talking this morning knew you were lying.   Oddly, about twenty percent of those agreed with you even though they knew you were lying.   They were thinking..."The rubes will buy this bilge.   They are so stupid that they can't see that he is lying.   We'll fool 'em again, like we did with the "hope and change" thing.   Man these common Jed Clampett crackers are stupid.  Isn't is neat-o?" 

     Please go somewhere you like better, like Cuba, while Fidel is still alive.   Or, like Venezuela, while Hugo can still babble incoherently about his Vision of Utopia.   You, Fidel, Hugo....a dustbin....a sunset.

At Sunset Evening Sky
We thank all OROGs for their patience and understanding and time.
El Gringo Viejo