Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Yes we much!

The inspired words of the Hidalgo County Judge started the instinctive reaction of a professional curmudgeon, and it is impossible to avoid responding.   As an aside, for the benefit of OROGs who are not blessed to live in Texas, a County Judge in Texas is essentially what a Presidente Municipal is in a Mexican States or in Louisiana, for instance, the President of the Parish Police Jury.
     Suffice it to say, the incumbent is the CEO of the County.   He presides over a Commissioners' court of four Commissioners who represent four more or less equal parts of the County.   In Texas there are 254 counties.  Hidalgo County is the 6th largest County in Texas, following Harris(Houston), Dallas (Dallas), San Antonio (Bexar), Tarrant (Fort Worth), El Paso (El Paso),  and then Collin and Hidalgo essentially tied for sixth place with over three-quarters of a million each.   These seven counties have about 14,000,000 of Texas's 25,200,000 people, or roughly 65%.

     That said, our present County Judge is a nice enough man.   But, he is a Democrat and a personal injury trial lawyer.   He does what most public officials, but not all, in deepest South Texas have learned to do over the past 50 years especially, and that is to beg for free money.  Integral to begging for free money is to always complain that the Census has undercounted our population...."especially among Hispanics in the Colonias, where the needs are greatest and there are the greatest number of people in poverty and who have the greatest needs".
      People who have the greatest needs are always with us.   The more we have, the more we have.   Miracle babies, anchor miracle babies born without any male presence abound.   We have, as stated many times, perhaps the world record number of 25 year old grandmothers in the United States.   Politicians...all Democrats equivilate "Hispanic issues" with the issues surrounding gangs, gang violence, gang grafitti, gang banging, gang crime and gang rape.   Also included in these qualifications are other "Hispanic issues" like free food for people who are obviously in no need of "nutrition", free housing as in Section 8, free food in school, school dropout programs, Women and Infant Children feeding programs, Aid to Families with Dependent Children (money for miracle babies), electricity subsidies, massive Thanksgiving and Christimas banquets, huge toy distribution programs, free cellular telephones with free time, Lone Star Cards, two, three, or four to the person.
     And this "Hispanic Issue"  affects 350,000 people in Hidalgo County.   With each program for "Hispanics Issues Solution" we wind up with another massive wave of 25 year old grandmothers.   We are shown the 10 or 15 percent of students in the schools who can perform at what would have been a fourth grade level in 1959....for Anglo and Latin urchins alike.   And then we are told that these "graduates" are part of the great success of our tax dollars "investment" in "free public education".  
    When they arrive at a real University somewhere out of this area only 10% can stay in for the 2nd sememster.   Down here, schools like Pan American (now The University of Texas - Pan American) used to graduate people who went to the "finest" Universities or any college they wished for graduate studies.   The Grngo Viejo's father and eldest brother were examples of that.   One graduated from Doctoral studies from the University of Texas when such things mattered and the other took his Doctorate at the world famous Lousiana State University, College of Geography and Earth Sciences.
      Now, few are called and fewer are chosen  by those institutions.    Yes Virginia, there was a time when Pan American College and Texas Agricultural and Industrial College were prestigious little jewels of academia.   Now they are inclusive and relevant, and there is no smoking or else.     Now we have another huge layer of public schooling designed to bring high school graduates up to a 10th grade level so that they might marginally qualify to go to a marginal "university".
      As another aside, when El Gringo Viejo's father and brother were graduating from Pan American College back in the 1950s, it was technically a State-County effort and recognised as a junior college.    The Southern Association of Universities, Colleges, and High Schools Accreditation, however, judged the professors and facilities as highly satisfactory for the offering of Junior and Senior level college courses and the issuance of BA and BS degrees.    The charge for attending in those years was something like 3 dollars per semester hour (still expensive in those days).    While there were no "programs" for the Latins, they went to the same classes and were graded in the same you all know what?   They did as well as anyone else.   No bi-lingual education, no using schools as feeding stations, no using the schools as socialist social engineering laboratories.

If you were born without a soul, or your family sold
your soul to me, do not dispair, I will give you my image and
this will allow you to slay your enemies and survive all their attacks

     The only thing that the County Judge and the other Democrat politicians want out of any of this ....Census adjustments, programs to deal with "Hispanic" issues, programs to deal with "poverty" and "educational discrimination" and "high crime rates among Hispanics caused by a lack of opportunity", to enmesh, enslave, and train "Hispanics" to come and grovel before the chief poobahs, take their stamps and "help", and vote Democrat in the generals and for the appropriate assistant poobahs in the primaries.   The Banks, Doctors, pharmacies, social service agency employees, hospitals and the Grocery Stores do the money laundering by taking the medicaid, stamps, section 8, etc. in on deposit.
     What is really interesting is that one can still tell who the real human beings are.   The folks with a Mexican/Spanish ancestral background who never participated in the "programs" look like normal human beings, do the things that normal human beings do and they survived.   They even put their grocery carts in the little "corrales" that HEB provides in the parking lot.    Because they have a catechism.
     It is almost impossible in these days to bear a child out-of-wedlock and into the public assistance theatre of human activity without knowing that between conception and delivery the child's soul was already stillborn or taken as payment by Satan.   En lieu of a soul, he was given a can of spray paint and a tatoo of Santa Muerte by Lucifer.
Templo Santa Muerte Los Angeles CA.

                                              "The misas are daily at 7pm and from the looks of the
                                                                           crowded storefront as I drive home, they fill up quickly".
                                                                                           (written by the photographer)

    That is what the County Judge of Hidalgo County and all politicians mean when they say, "We are just trying to get our fair share of the 'federal dollars'".    It is as if they actually believe that the money will improve the souls and motivations of those who are being born without souls.    They think that they can continue to pay people to behave as slaves of Satan, and expect the community to become "better".   It would be good if they could identify the terms "community" and "better".   Perhaps we have different definitions.

Thanks for your attention.
El Gringo Viejo