Wednesday, 7 March 2012


St. Fluke
Martyr of the Holy Order of I Buy, You Pay
Pray for us now, and at the time we pay our

                     THIS IS A FLUKIE
File:A-ferox digenean1.jpg
The New Award Statue is fashioned to look exactly like its namesake, the fluke, which is a trematoda, a lower life form that frequently infects the human body's organs and blood.   It is made from organic fluke slime, complying with EPA demands concerning both Global Warming and Cooling.  It is named in honour of St. Fluke, the Martyr of the
Battle of Georgetown, and the Inquisition by the Flattearthers

And the winner of the first FLUKIE

You Have to Hear This Mich. $1M Lottery Winner Defend Why She’s Still on Food Stamps
The perfect image of a "Flukie"

STOP!  LOOK!  and LISTEN!    You Have to Hear This Michigan $1Million Lottery Winner Defend Why She’s Still on Food Stamps
"I feel that it's okay because I mean, I have no income and I have bills to pay."
 (She is also under consideration for The (Sir Edmund) Hillary award
     for perfect, narcissistic mendaciousness.  Four first-person pronouns
         in less than a 20 word sentence is pretty good for a FLUKIE)

     The abovepictured fraudette gains the honour of being the first recipient of the FLUKIE because she embodies all the best of a female who has absolutely everything, but who still feels justified in demanding that the rest of us and and children and grandchildren pay for her food, tennis raquet restringing, monopoly game, veterinarian services, clothes, and/or any and/or everything else, depending upon how she feels at this particular stage of the moon or not....maybe.
     Her particular accomplishment, as many of the OROGs already know, is that she won 1,000,000 dollars in the Michigan lottery (idiot tax), and stupidly took the quick pay alternative, thereby losing over 200,000 dollars.   She then noticed that since she was still unemployed that the dolts at the Michigan Department of Human Refuse had decided to keep sending her money into her "I like to eat free Card".   Only 200/month.   I mean...what's a crummy 200/month?   For a single Flukie?   But, guaranteeing her place in the FLUKIE Hall of Fame, she wisely pointed out "I'm still unemployed".
      Miss Flukie wins during this award cycle for being the best example to approximate the Chutzpah of a Georgetown University political activist demanding that the rest of us and our children and grandchildren should pay for her contraceptives.

     Miss Flukie has already done everything wrong.   She took the quick pay, then bought a house, and of course, a new automobile.   It was probably a VOLT...but who knows.   Perhaps it was a Corvette.    So, within the next four or five months she will be angry that the tax man in Michigan wants 4,000 dollars in real estate taxes, and her credit cards will be maxed out.  Living proof that the lottery really is an idiot tax.

     Good luck, Miss Flukie.   If you had won the money on Wheel of Fortune or Jeapordy we would all have been happy for you....but then couldn't win, because you've proven that your are a dolt and a loser.

El Gringo Viejo
American Flukie Academy