Thursday, 8 March 2012

Monarch of Mendacity, President of Petulance, King of the Conumdrum


US president Barack Obama in Mount Holly, North Carolina
Captain Conundrum, vapid Master of the Mendacious 

     If the "big oil companies" take off business expenses from their income tax calculations, that is termed a "subsidy".   But if we allow people whose average income is 180,000 dollars per year to buy a VOLT and take off 7,500 dollars from their final tax liability that is called an "incentive".
     Actually, it is a conundrum constructed as only a bunch of arrogant, socialist control-freaks could do.   "Our EPA standards on coal will necessarily make electricity rates skyrocket in the years to come"....tee-hee...tee-hee-hee.   We really need to move the price of gasoline and diesel to European levels in the next few years.....right?   That's the plan.  So, fleshing this insanity out a little more, the same people who the President damns to Hell at every turn, the "millionaires and billionaires", are the only ones who can afford to buy a 50,000 dollar automobile (including State sales taxes, title, license) and they are the ones who have a 7,500 dollar subsidy to buy an auto with a 30 mile range (if the drivers use luxuries like headlights, ventilation fans, etc.).   This is an oil burning and coal burning vehicle with a battery that cannot be disposed of in any way that is approved by the same EPA that is trying to force people to buy the stupid thing to begin with....WHEW!!!    We're talking about big progress here.    It is more living proof that the White House is presently either an insane asylum or a operations war room under the command of Vladimir Putin, Raul Castro, Hugo Chavez, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Aires, and Maxine Waters.

     This is not to mention that that the actual four billion dollar "subsidy" the President is talking about is directed towards people who have low producing, small wells on their own property.   They have wells that were self-financed or partnered with small oil operators and that commonly produce from one to six barrels of oil per day.  Those are the "big oil companies" who might have a "sawhorse pump" (my parents' name for the pumpjack) bobbing back and forth that you pass by when driving through Luling, Texas.    Those wells belong to Lula Belle McKlaferty and her retarded boy.    Lula and Jimmie have done alright since Jake died, because of the insurance, and because Jake did a clean out on that old well.   It cost a fortune....about 15,000 dollars....but the durned thing was so mudded up that it was bringing up more gypsum and brine than oil.
    About a year before Jake crossed over to be with his parents, he called Jasper Blount, the fellow with the clean out rig, and they pumped a few tons of barite mud into that old well.  Jasper told Jake that it seemed to him the old well had been filling, because they were taking out a lot of black pipe.    Sho'nuff,  when they started up the pumpjack, the fill-tank started taking in two or two and a half barrels of oil a day.    Before it had been two barrels of brine and a lot of mud.    They were lucky if a half barrel a day floated up to the top, and that oil was pretty poor...lots of sulphur content too.

pump jack and flowers in oilfield
Pumpjack killing flowers and causing
global warming and cooling in Texas

     You know, the folks around Luling kinda figured that Jake was knowin' that he was doin' poorly.   Anyway, Bush and the Republicans passed a bill sayin' that the IRS would allow the small holders to take down the expense of the clean-out the next year.   That meant that Lula Belle and her boy would be in good shape with the tax man for three or four years.   And now look at her.   She's makin' about 150 dollars a day net off'n that old well, price of oil bein' what it is.    I guess that why she has Old Man Sanchez and his kids doin' that roof job on the back of her main house.

And that is the way it really was .... and is the real world.
El Gringo Viejo