Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Saddest Moments in Life. Can We Talk?

Heartbreaking news for the heartland.   Rosie's program on Oprah's network managed to capture a 00.000 share and a -24.2 rating, meaning that people were actually turning their chairs and Lazy-Boys around, even while the television was as to say that they were actively not-watching the Rosie Show.   With that, it seems that Rosie is going to join Katie Couric in the "Who?" Hall of Fame sometime very soon.   No time or date will be announced by Arsenio Hall, because, who cares?
Rosie's program space will be replaced by Michelle O'bama doing aerobics on special vacation flights to Aruba and the Taj Majal next week, and then to Machu Pichu and the Summer Show in Paris on her shopping trip for "Clothes to Shop Target By". 
My mother told me to say nothing about a person that is negative. So, El Gringo Viejo
will refrain from saying that the above picture could puke a buzzard off'n a gut wagon.
As for the one on the left, congratulations on setting up a perfectly useless network with perfectly useless programming aimed at people who are significantly intellectually
challenged. At least they apparently are not watching, in droves.
The one on the right, besides never having seen a picture of a Bessemer Converter melting
iron and steel with fire is also uglier than an old abandoned Bessemer Converter, and nowhere near as smart. And yes, kerosene and an updraft can make quite a billows
and a fire that can produce heat values in excess of 2,800 F....and with the nature of
the upsurging feed of air such as at the Twin Towers....perhaps even to the boiling
temperature for iron of 5,200 F. There was a fire in McAllen, one time, that
burned down the biggest hotel in town. It was hit by lightning on its twin copper
cupolas. The fire immolated the building, including concrete blocks and hard-fired
bricks. There was nothing left. Sorry, Rosie O'pottamus.

Not having known that there were 190,000 people stupid enough to watch Rosie's program, or Ophra's network and  operate a channel changer with one hand, I remain, very pleased with your presence on this dark and stormy night in Texas.
El Gringo Viejo