Sunday, 18 March 2012

Barrack and Eric Say Americans of Mexican or Other Latin Origin Are Stupid

Eric Holder's notion about what "restraining voter turnout" might be does not include Black Panthers stalking around the entrance to a voting place, swinging truncheons menacingly in the presence of white and known conservative black voters.

Eric Holder knows but does not care that 73,000,000 Mexicans can register to vote in a much more demanding and complicated process, and further, if they do not comply with the process, THEY CAN NOT VOTE.

Eric Holder knows but does not care that 73,000,000 Mexicans will bring their Credencial Electoral Federal to the appropriate voting precinct and that it will be matched to a catalogue of voters....according to photographs and thumbprint, and 11 other security embeds in the Credencial or THEY CAN NOT VOTE.

Eric Holder knows that in Texas, every person of English, Irish, Scottish, Manx, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Arabic, Czech, Bohemian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, Pakistani, Indian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian.....(enter 113,340 national, racial, and ethnic groupings) will be required to show photographic identification to vote in the up-coming elections.   One of the main reasons is because Democrats, marxists, and communists try to steal elections by flooding the proceedings with unqualified electors.   Reference ACORN and the union-thug recalls and anarchy in recent days in Wisconsin and essentially throughout the Republic.
     The approval in Texas by Latin citizens for the voter identification measures now in place is 58% while those who oppose are roughly the same percentage as there are of deranged marxist Anglos and other assorted honky-types.....about 21%.   It only seems fair to make certain that people of Mexican ancestry who are American citizens by birth or naturalisation process should be assured that their vote is not going to be diluted or cancelled by an anchor-baby mother.   IT IS THE SIMPLE MATTER THAT A PERSON MUST BE OF AGE, A CITIZEN, A RESIDENT OF THE PRECINCT AND DISTRICT OF CONCERN, AND NOT A FELON OR OF UNSOUND MIND.   Is that really too much to ask?

Eric Holder is a bigoted racist because he insists upon telling us that Mexican Americans, Negroes, and other "minorities" are too stupid to be able to do what any and everybody else does in order to comply with simple civic responsibility.

Eric Holder and his best bud, Barrack Hussein Obama, are both marxists who delight in trying to pit ethnic and racial groups against the American Commonality.   They delight in telling people that, by pulling down wealthy people, the downtrodden will be better off, be happier, and will finally receive their "fair share" of Kwanzaa presents.   It has worked everywhere else in the world, except in the places where it has been implemented.

It is mandatory that these people be given a permanent vacation in a place where they would be comfortable ..... like Red China or North Korea.

And, by the way, the last time a police officer contacted me, the first thing he asked for was my identification.   He was Latin, I am Anglo....I complied....and did not even seek legal relief.
Imagine that!

El Gringo Viejo