Sunday, 18 March 2012

Blind Man in a Dark Room

 The Archbishop of Canterbury

     The Gringo Viejo has made a commentary on another blog, defending another Anglican traditionalist.  So that all OROGs will know what the dirty laundry of another family looks like, it is being included below.  The announcement by the Archbishop of Canterbury that he is now to graze in greener meadows brings a bit of relief to those who have suffered a decade of pointless, meaningless mumblings that bring to mind warm mayonnaise.   This is said with some deference to warm mayonnaise, which undoubtedly has greater relevance to the Will of God and the fulfilment of His desire that we strive to save our souls and the souls of all mankind than did this peculiar secular humanist in priest's raiment.
     Another like-minded fellow named Kurt, stated his opinion on another blog, and it was the pleasure to stand with him after his comments were essentially ridiculed by a "more enlightened" cleric.

    You are right.
     Those of us who are wounded by the radical notions of secular humanists presenting themselves as holy men and worthy guides along the straight and narrow do certainly agree with you.
     It is amazing to note that this ABC could muddle and obfuscate so much in so little time.   Some might say he was overwhelmed by the "divisiveness and politicisation" that the Church has suffered during the past 40 years.   Those are code words for flatearthers who believe in Holy Mysteries, Church Canon, Traditions, and natural law as established by Yahweh.  The only fire and brimstone we have seen for years is the blistering hatred the Church hierarchy has for those who long for a time when the Archbishop of Canterbury could make at least one or two references to the Nazarene or His Father during his dull, prolonged, tortuously twisted meaningless commentaries.
     Nay! Nay!   We were those who were.   The secular humanists and the social justice people came and changed the Church and them blamed us for the Church's failings.  They said they would fill the pews...and they are more empty than before.   They have elevated perversity, worship of humanity, and idealised materialism.   They have resuscitated a few obscure practises from yon so as to show that they are  also traditionalists, but they never really evoke the inner feeling in a congregation that there is any sharing of belief in the unseen.   The only thing they worship seems to be "equivilisation"....the making everyone and everything "equal".   It is a dreary gospel, written by Voltaire, Robespierre, Marx, and Engles....and it does not belong in an Episcopal or Anglican Church.
We pray for the Black African Bish0p to be called to reinvigorate this great part of the Body of Christ.  That Thy will be done
aka El Gringo Viejo