Monday, 26 March 2012

How El Gringo Viejo responds.

     It is with some trepidation, but it is how I see these things.   People ask, I shall answer.   Rosie and the liberals somehow assert that Islam is just the same as Christianity and Judaism, just a little better because the majority of the people are poor and backwards and incapable of critical thinking.

The Gringo Viejo's response to this line of thinking was drawn up thusly:    

     The matter at hand is a comparison of fundamentalists and orthodox of the three Great Religions. The Jews and the Christians are taught and usually believe that we are born into original sin. We are told that Yahweh stands aside to allow us the right of choice desired by our grandparents, Adam and Eve. We hope that a woman learns from her training and her errors and either becomes a saint or becomes at least saintly. We are taught to forgive even more than 7 times 70 times.
     We are taught to hope the same for a man.

     The fundamentalist Ishmaelite and many orthodox Muslims believe that a woman is a whore and must be forced to be a saint. Which begs the question, "If a woman is forced to be a saint, is she really a saint?"
     Each of the three religions have members who violate the basic teachings and canons of their own religions. The Muslims, however, are the only ones who blow up each other's churches at a whim. They do it on a regular basis. If a woman wears a green burka on Tuesday, an Imam can demand that she be stoned for lasciviousness. Her husband, or first son, or her father is given the honor of throwing the first stone.
     We are taught that the Nazarene intervened in the stoning of a harlot, and demanded of the crowd, "Who among ye be without sin? Let him casteth the first stone." The crowd of cowards dispersed, and the Nazarene spake to the harlot, saying ''Go ye and sin no more."
In that profound scene the Nazarene identifies the two sins. Extension of judgmentalism...."I find her conduct offensive, therefore I shall kill her", and the disrespect of ones own body, the temple of Yahweh, by prostitution. In both cases the parties of concern received their punishment and instruction. The bullies were shamed in front of everyone, and the girl was told that she is a sinner, and hopefully to-morrow she will be a saint.
So there,
El Gringo Viejo