Monday, 26 March 2012

This is not a solicitation

El Gringo Viejo is an odd old bird.   He has a best friend who he hasn't seen in 20 years, and other people who are important who also receive scant care or attention.   Most of the other people with whom he would drink coffee and gossip are dead.   It is, perhaps a personality defect.   In any regard, some very nice people who are very successful, pleasantly mildly eccentric, crossed paths with El Gringo Viejo some years back.
    They, like others commissioned a bit of consulting work and other interesting assignments.  They have always been in our top five since.   We communicate sparingly, but always with interest and gusto.   We share many, many common attitudes and opinions.

     The husband of the pair sent me a note of interest concerning a friend who owns a relatively famous and productive gold mining operation that has interests in Mexico.   One of the mines most commonly mentioned around our area is the one in Durango.   It is some distance away, but also relatively close....Texans know what I mean.    El Gringo Viejo is including a descriptive folleto about the business.   It is very interesting and a proven "gold mine" for those who did invest in the operation. 

This linkage is a PDF, it fills with a lot of blank area in the beginning so be sure to scroll down far enough to engage the information.  It takes very little time to go through the material, and it is fascinating.   We are not agents or representatives of the business, and no stock purchase or investment is solicited either by El Gringo Viejo or by our friends or by the business.   It is just a pleasant look at what other crazy gringos do, South of the Border.

Thank you all, as usual for the investment of your time which is valued greatly by EGV.
El Gringo Viejo