Monday, 26 March 2012

Some Parting Shots, Heading South

Not untypical San Pedro girl.  Well
 educated, talentedbut she can't
 boil water.She can shop,however.
Favourite saying?
  "Daddy,This credit card doesn't
 work any longer."
    We head down to the South while 30% of Mexico heads to McAllen for two weeks of shopping at La Plaza Mall and in the various venues in the McAllen area that have shops laden with every imaginable and unimaginable necessity that nobody needs.   A strong peso and gradual comfortability with travel conditions are causing considerable optimism among merchants on this side, and several million half-witted 12 - 19 year old females who range from the lower middle classes to the impoverished billionaires of San Pedro de Garza Garcia (Latin America's richest city (per capita), adjacent to Monterrey, but over the Loma Larga and just out of view.
     The population of the entire Metroplex of 8 contiguous counties/cities, including Monterrey (the largest), is a bit over 5,000,000 people.    San Pedro is only about 200,000 souls, the majority of whom live in families with an income in excess of 1,000,000 dollars per year.   It is almost entirely "Old Money", held by industrialists, bankers, and commercial heavyweights.
 The City of Monterrey and San Nicolas de los Garza are more middle class and upper middle class, small business people, professionals, and youngers outliers of the magnates and poobahs of San Pedro.   But, now, even the working class adjacent city of Guadalupe is a place where considerable disposable income comes from.  That is where the business comes from in McAllen.   Cities in a cluster where even the working class has a pretty good slice of the pie, and a metroplex where pies are being generated, different kinds, different fillings, different sizes.    It is one of the reasons why the War is worth fighting.

Chipinque Mesa National
 Park and Environmental
            Reserve.   Adjacent to San
 Pedrode Garza Garcia.
  Full of Bears and other major
      mammals, next to a metroplex
 of nearly 5,000,000 people.  

     El Gringo Viejo will be heading South against the traffic, a good place to be.   While most of the inundation of McAllen comes from the West...the Monterrey metroplex...there are still considerable numbers who depart from Tampico metroplex, Victoria, and San Luis Potosi for the assault upon the Malls.   It is a pleasant madness.   But it is madness....they leave a place where there are plenty of things to buy, prices have become more equivalent over the years, and any gain enjoyed with the somewhat lower prices in McAllen are pretty well eaten up in travel and accommodation costs.

     We shall be arriving during the mid-day to-morrow, and it will be good to see Alvaro and the dogs and cats.   Alvaro has had a long stay of it, and he will take off for a month or so (usually he returns as much as two weeks early because he actually prefers hanging around the Quinta, and the animals and the friends he has there).    Have no doubt that Alvaro is an exceptional personality.   His contributions are legion and his errings are very few.


      The proposed budget by Congressman Ryan of Indiana, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee is, perhaps, as good "putting of the toe into the water".   It includes, however, by choice, a continuation of the notion that the high income and wealthy should pay a higher tax rate....simply because they are bad people who have too much, and much more than they need.    It also calls upon the taxpayer to include the employer's share of any matching portion  of  the insured's premium as gross income.   Likewise any portion of a retirement program paid by the employer as an incentive or reward for employment or longevity in employment would likewise be subject to taxation by the central government.
     El Gringo Viejo almost dropped his teeth into the garbage compacter when he saw that Ryan was boldly projecting a balanced budget, in terms of the running income/expenditure accounting BY 2040.......???????    We're talking about some serious belt-tightening here.   Right?
     Another of the fool-proof, fail-safe assumptions to make about any "closing of the loopholes" in order to "expand the base of coverage of the lower tax rate" so as not to have and overall reduction in the "gross income tax proceeds needed to fund governmental operations", is that the intent of the "reform" is to keep funneling globs of lard into Washington D.C.     This lard, fudge, and butter will continue to be used to pay for a bureaucracy that will tell you that your driveway gutter is a "wetland" and.....
       "You are prohibited from occupying your home until the Migratory Waterfowl Administration's new regulations are published in the next 30 months.   In the meantime you are fined 20,000 dollars per day for willful attempted injury to a snaggle-jawed rump-minnow which is the prime food source for the roughbellied whackquacker duck.   While it is not proven that the Whackquacker Duck does or does not exist, it has been proven through our in-house opinion surveys that he does feed on the above-described minnow.
     Remember, Just Say No! to Alar....You eat apples, you die.   Just a frindly reminder, from Smokey the Bear."
Paul Ryan (R) Chariman
  House Budget Committee
El Gringo Viejo proposes once again the movement over a ten-year period from the income tax to a national sale tax of 7 percent, along with a total cancellation of the income tax on individuals, companies, and/or corporations by the end of that 10 year period.   Expenditures would be kept at 2008 levels, and social security contributions would immediately be placed into the private accounts of the member.   His/her social security number would be programmed as his/her private account.   For people under the age of 46, they would be required to wait until the age of 70 to access their annuities, but it would be theirs as part of their wholly owned assets and estates.
     Once again, the Ryan plan is a place to start the overhaul of the concept of central government involvment in the private financial affairs of a sovereign person.   It is half of a baby step.   Until the income tax concept is abolished, people like John Corzine and  Maxine Waters will live inside the citizens' wallets.
El Gringo Viejo