Friday, 3 February 2012

Wonder Woman Against The Dragon Monster

"Todos pensan conforme a su genero, pero disculpenme, el osurantismo nadie lo ve, decia mi abuelita, "No ven nada mas alla de sus narices", desgraciadamente el problema no es que gane JVM, y que es mujer. Noten; quien esta atras, y quien fue su mentor, ademas quien la apoyara economicamente, y en este relato que nos antecede, dice; "Fue educada por Jeuitas(teologia de la liberacion) y Opusdeistas (la mafia catolica mundial) de esta forma quien tendra el control de Mexico." 

Everyone thinks according to his own manner, but excuse me, the  purposefully hidden things no one sees, as would say my dear grandmother, "They see nothing more beyond their own noses", disgracefully the problem is not that Josefina should win and that she is a woman.  Take note, everyone;  who is in the background, and who is her mentor, and further who is supporting her with funding, and in this matter before us, it is said, "She was educated by the Jesuits (Theology of Liberation) and by the Opus Dei (The Worldwide Catholic Mafia) and it is in this manner that they will take control of Mexico.

     The above appears on a screed of a somewhat respectable leftist news outlet in Mexico City.  The personality about which the writer makes his observations, is of course, Josefina Vazquez Mota, who is rather much like the Sarah Palin/Michelle Bachmann of Mexico.   She currently has the backing of a majority of the center-right Partido de Accion Nacional membership as a candidate for the Presidency of Mexico.     The late arriving manuevering and negative attacks from inside and outside the party has become all but an avalanche in the last few days.    We shall have to see if there is enough rolling rock, dirt, and logs to do any damage to the nomination process.    We should know in 60 hours.
      The above posted paragraph w/ translation is an example of throwing everything up against the wall and seeing what, if anything, sticks.   The writer accuses Vazquez Mota of being both a product of the famous pro-Castro, marxist Jesuits who taught liberation theology in classrooms under their control in various private schools in Mexico.   At the same time, Vazquez Mota is said to be a product of the ultra-conservative Opus Dei movement of devout, observant Roman Catholic intellectuals and adherents.    She has even been accused of being a member of the Zeta drug cartel because she spells her paternal surname with two "z" letters, which is a bit rare within the set of Spanish/Hebrew surnames.   Usually one or the other "z" will be an "s".    She would have to be some kind of super bi-polar political thinker to pull off all of this. 

     We Gringos do not have a corner on the absurd in political processes.   Take faith.  We shall see if this last minute onslaught has any effect on Sra. Josefina's nomination.   Anything is possible when one deals with Mexican politics now.   It used to be so nice and dull and predictable.    "Everybody alway votes for the PAN, but the PRI always wins."  was the old adage.

More  later,
El Gringo Viejo