Thursday, 2 February 2012


Things Said by Democrats and Marxists That Carry a Built in King's X:

     The king's X is provided by the mainstream media.   It is for all offenses against political correctness.   It can carry over to various felonies ranging from murder to perjury.   Here are a couple of the more recent examples.

Rep. Jim Moran Talks to Martin Bashir About Allen West and the African American Community
Wagging you finger is inappropriate, but jabbing is acceptable

After comparing conservative criticism for President Obama to a Disney cartoon, Rep. Moran launched into a heavy-handed rebuke of Rep. West.
“People like Mr. [Allen] West, and Governor Brewer and so on, particularly Mr. West, is not only not representative of the African-American community,” said Rep. Moran, who, among other things, is apparently a spokesman for the African-American community, “Or of the Republican Party, let alone of the American public. So what he says really is of little or no consequence, but it’s unfortunate.”

     It should be pointed out that a person who stereotypes other classes and groups of people in such a way as to require that all members of said group or class must adhere to predictable uniform characteristic, is a racist.    The person who says, "All Mexicans are..." almost immediately paints himself into a corner of being a person of prejudicial opinion, and stereotyper, and therefore a racist.   Same goes for "All Negroes are...." which moves into the mind set that " ....all Negroes must be...." or else they are not ''real Negroes''.  

     El Gringo Viejo reminds "Mr." Moran that he is a pompous jackass.   He is the brilliant person who gave his AA a briefcase with a pistol in it to return to the capitol after helping the Congressman board a commercial flight at a Washington D.C. area airport (?) .     As one might imagine, the aide played hell with security, and, of course, Moran said he had no knowledge of the matter before finally confessing that he carried the gun, without any permitting, as a matter of course, but had "forgotten" to tell his AA about it being in his briefcase.
     (Mr.) Moran also is that fine adherent to the law who took possession and played surreptitious tape recordings purloined by a geezer couple with far too little to do....who had followed Newt Gingrich's ride and taped the telephone conversations Newt was having as they drove to some appointment in Florida.   The conversations were dull and boring planning and tactical affairs that are quite normal in terms of the administration of political offensives that Republicans were planning for the Lower House agenda.   Dispite the fact that the geezers committed a serious felony first by recording a first-class communication, they doubled up by delivering the recording to Moran who delighted in playing it for the press...also a felony.   Of course, since he is a Democrat, nothing ever came of it.   Had he been a Nixon staffer he would have gone to prison for4 years like Chuck Colson.   Colson committed a much less serious offense....but, as usual, breaching the law by Republicans must be severely punished, while the same offenses or worse by Democrats are applauded as being "courageous"  and punishment is thought to be either "racist" or politically motivated.


    Eric Holder outdid himself in stumbling and rambling over a resonse...meant to play out the clock, Rep. Raul Labrador's brutal questioning to-day.  Labrador pointed out that Holder had been a serial liar during previous testimony, and had falsely represented the conditions of the Marc Rich affair in such a way that would give cover to Billy Jeff Blythe's pardon of the mega-felon, even as Rich remained on the lamb in Europe.   He was and is completely unapoligetic to this day for having defauded hundreds of investors out of hundreds upon hundreds of millions of dollars.  (Corzine, the Happy, embezzling bundler, anyone?).
     Exasperated, Holder finally stuttered out, "I don't know how you do things in Idaho, or wherever it is your from....(the last phrase being muttered almost under his breath)...which of course had reference to the fact that Labrador was a dirty spic with a Puerto Rican background, and worse is a member of the Tea Party brigade that has brought a modicum of sanity to the lower house of congress.

If you need confirmation that Republicans on the House Oversight committee got under Attorney General Eric Holder's skin today at the hearing on Fast and Furious, just look at this response he gave to Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, who grilled Holder about his own previous statements.Specifically, note Holder's comment that "maybe this is the way you do things in Idaho, or wherever you're from."Labrador, who is Puerto Rican, faced off in 2010 against a primary opponent who insisted in a debate that Puerto Rico is a foreign country.
     Get used to it, Eric.   Your retirement in Cuba or Venezuela will not be all that bad.  All of us Hillbillies and Latinos and Uncle Toms and nutty religious people clinging to our guns and Bibles, and  people you never imagined, are not going to stand by and allow you to "help" us into the Gulag.   We are Americans.   Great God of Abraham help us and please help Eric, too.

El Gringo Viejo