Thursday, 2 February 2012

And I was a Girl Scout

     The OROG is warned, before openning the above posted linkage, that the material provided therein is disgusting and repulsive.   It is however endorsed by the United Nations, Planned Parenthood, and the Girl Scouts of America.   And published and/or distributed by those entities. It is all a source of negative weight on the heart and soul of El Gringo Viejo.
     Several hundred years ago, in 1961, my mother and father were requested to assist the "Big Brownie", a famous and kind woman who was the Troop Leader of the local Senior Girl Scouts troop in a neighbouring city to our home town.   My father was the Civics, Economics, World History,  and American History teacher for the high school in that community.  My mother was a lower level member of the administrative group of the electric company that served South Texas.   I was a self-centred, lazy, spoiled slug who was totally concerned about me, just turned 14 and bound to be a sophomore or less beginning in September of 1961.
     The issue at hand was the International Encampment of the Girl Scouts which was held in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico about an hour and a half south of Mexico City in those days.    The girls, 11 of them, were to attend the first session in June.    Arrangements were made for accommodations, transportation, and all the necessary elements of an expedition involving high adventure.    My parents were requested to escort the group because they were people known to have had a great deal of experience in dealing with people from the interior of Mexico, and because of my father's position as an teacher and an expert in matters of Mexican history and culture.    My father's mother and grandfather had lived in the interior for several years, owning a fairly large hacienda involved in the production of tropical produce.   My father and I spoke/speak the Spanish of the interior, and my mother was fluent, although with a Tennessee accent.
      We travelled to Mexico City via a route that took us through Valles, Mexico City, Cuernavaca, then back through Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi, Monterry, and then home.   The journey involved the better part of two weeks.  I wanted to stay home and get into trouble....a new girlfriend and baseball were the only things really important.   Our travels were handled by the Company named Transportes del Norte, an autobus service that had high positive ratings.    They charged us $10.05 American Currency per passenger (18 individuals) round trip.....1,800 miles...and provided essentially perfect service.   Amazing, actually.
       We had an incredibly great time.   The girls...all uniformed and looking like American beauties....7 Anglo/Teutonic types and 4 Latins....made a million friends at the encampment.   We ate like royalty.   We saw and participated in classic tourist things and off the beaten trail intellectual things.   When we returned we were all either a little different or a lot different, in terms of our understanding of the Planet and its people.    The Gringo Viejo had the misfortune to have seen Mexico City when it had only 3,500,000 people.   It was a hypnotising place.   It will never return to that elegance.    It will always be the most interesting big city on the Planet, but its Epoca Dorada will never return to how it was in the 1950s and early 1960s.
      Such were the Girl Scouts of America.   In the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas this same troop worked in social and civic matters to the good of all.   The girls on the trip were "old" to me, like juniors and a couple of seniors....and I was only going to be a sophomore....and a sophomore who had skipped the 3rd grade....making me like....a hundred years younger than these girls....four or five of them were beauty contest winner-types....all were attractive, and of course, in those days we ate whatever we wanted so we were all skinny.   One advantage the Gringo Viejo had was that he had already stretched out to 6 feet and 2 inches of vacuous self-absorption.   Having to dress with a jacket and tie helped as well.  And I was the only male on the trip with anything like a similar birth chronology.
Lot taking his daughters to Gomorrah for their appointment with
 Planned Parenthood.  According to the Gospel as interpreted by
 Popette Pelosi I, Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt for
 opposing this appointment.   The City was destroyed
 by the heartless racism practiced against African
 Americans, women, minorities, Native
 Americans, Hispanics, the otherwise
capacitated, the poor, the
 transgendered, and,
 of course,
and vegetarians.
     So, try not to measure me by some pre-determined standard.   El Gringo Viejo was a girl scout and he was a Girl Scout.   He knew the good the organisation did, and he knows that the organisation has long since been co-opted by people who have a pro-gomorrahmite, pro-marxists, psuedo-egalitarian agenda.   Part of the pro-secular humanist agenda they endorse includes abortion as part of a "right of choice" that was buried into the Constitution of the
United States of America in a code that took 170 years to decipher.

Laissez les bon temps roulez
Like Hillary's endorsement of the UN Small Arms Treaty,this is our present, not future.
   The Girl Scouts of Americais an active participant in this "young person's guide".
  Theyendorse it.   They helped write it.  They distribute it and the
advice and information contained in it.

Laissez les bon temps roulez....?   
     Since the arrival of Planned Parenthood, much progress has been made.   Girls are given necessary information about sexuality and reproduction, thereby being enpowered to make good choices about their future parenting decisions.   We are proud to note that in 1950, the Negro illegitamacy rate of 7% has been reduced to 77%.   Among other groups we have had similar success.   Venereal diseases have only increased by 600% on a per capita basis.   It proves that the more we meddle and obsess about young peoples' normal, hormonally/morally confused encounters with the mysteries and wonders presented by the mating dance of the children of Adam and Eve, the more we can cause anguish, early pregnancies, floods and cascades of abortions of the "inconvenient", suicides, and young women stricken barren by abortatoreums and their modern, clinically correct coathangers.

No Girl Scout Cookies.   No 'made in China'.   No bail-outs.  No subsidies.  No public assistance.   Don't just say it and believe it.  Live it.   It works.
El Gringo Viejo