Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Dismay and Re-doubling of Resolve

     We are dismayed about the news of a Mexican Army general officer and a cadre of soldiers having gone rogue in Ojinaga, Chihuahua.   While some of the charges may be overstated, it seems fairly certain that  over a period from 2008 through part of 2009 a general, already under a probation for other military indiscretions, began a methodical abuse of power in that very isolated community.
     He is charged with failure to maintain military order, abuse of power, perjury, association with known criminals, murder, deprivation of civil rights, and various property crimes of significance.  There are 28 other soldiers who have been charged as well, nine of whom are charged with significant felonies.

    It serves well that the Secretary of Defense investigated citizen complaints during the Summer of 2009 and subsequently arrested the General and the headquarters staff.   They were transferred to a military garrison in Jalisco State, near the city of Guadalajara.   The General and his nine most seriously charged cohorts are under courts martial process at this time.  The case has been followed by observers for the last year and a half.
     There is a move to have them charged in civilian court.   This is a typical move by the leftists in Mexico's intellectual elitist "human rights" cadre in order to try to defame both President Calderon and the Mexican Army.  It is something of a cross between Abu Ghraib and My Lai and even a bit of Hiroshima and Nagasaki thrown in.
     In cold blood, eight or nine of the 10 people who were purportedly killed by these soldiers were lower than low drug traffickers who had been terrorising Ojinaga before the arrival of the soldiers.   Tbe biggest problem comes with the one or two innocent people who lost their lives.  Such is the result of allowing military force to violate military procedure.    In the group of soldiers detained, there is a Striker Squad of six or seven who "misplaced" large amounts of marihuana and lesser but valuable quantities  of cocaine.

       There is a chance...albeit small.....that three or four of these men in olive drab will be placed before a firing squad.  The General has already "gone state" and will spend the rest of his days in a fort's brig....or in the Islas Marias reclusatory 100 miles into the Pacific Ocean....never to return to the Mexican mainland.

      In order to contradict any news that comes out about the Mexican people being afraid of, or abused by, the Army or Naval Infantry....the people in Ojinaga have been extremely complementary of the troops who came in during the displacement of the "bad troops".   El Gringo Viejo's understanding now is that there is a 'destacamiento' of about 5 heavy infantry companies and one mechanised cavalry with air support (usually 6 helicopters for troop movement and perhaps three or four attack helicopters) in and around the Ojinaga area. 

    We simply want you all to be aware of and ready for the defamation game.   Please remember that there were two generals who were arrested due to the abuses and excesses of the Batallon 65 (El Narc0batallon) during their service in norther Sonora State about 15 years ago.    The troops were sent en masse to garrison detention in Tepic, Nayarit, and the two generals were sent to prison.   Several other officers were dismissed or sent to prison along with a number of sergeants.   Their colours and pennants have been burned.
     One of the generals died in prison.   The other is still behind bars in a form or solitary confinement.
     We urge OROGs to consider that the soldiers are facing an enemy that is sub-human, depraved, and incomprehensibly brutal.   This is not a contest between enemies who abide closely, more or less, to law governing warfare and rules of engagement.    We also point out that it is our side that holds trials, measuring the conduct of its own combatants.  

Such is the nature of testosterone poisoning.   After the shortstop misses an easy grounder, you regroup and wait to play the next pitch.   We still have a game to win.
Thanks for your attention and patience.
El Gringo Viejo