Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pirouette in the Dark to a Blind Audience

(1)   By this time next year, if Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich either one wins the presidency, they will be meeting with Harry Reed and Nancy Pelosi in order to carve out "new areas of agreement and co-operation".   They will be saying things like, " work effectively across the aisle to accomplish those things that the American people expect of us..."

(2)   Should either of the above mentioned two individuals deliver the inaugural address, there will be terms and phrases such as, " join together all Americans in searching for solutions to those problems all Americans are concerned about."    and, " let it be known, the political posturing of obstruction and manoeuvring to personal advantage is no longer to be permitted." ...and, "....therefore, we shall keep the medical coverage initiative that will help control the ever increasing cost of medical care, and attempt to adapt other of the forward looking aspects of that legislation.   At this time there are no plans to extend coverage of children up to the age of 52 on their parents' health insurance policy, although these are areas of interest that can be worked on as we move forward with new and more efficient ways to allow the government to help the hard working American people in these difficult days."

(3)    If either is elected President, we shall hear the following immediately after the election, "We do not see this as a victory for the loudest shouting part of our Party, but rather the decision of that broad, moderate, and reasoned middle that is begging not for less government but for better government.    We can celebrate to-night, but tomorrow it is time for the shrillest voices to calm, and for more reasonable, less divisive voices to control the agenda for America.   This victory does not belong to a faction....but to all the people.    We must move to establish a kinder and gentler tone as we bind the wounds of the campaign and recover to form one nation with justice for all."

(4)    The following is new news for "moderate" Republicans.   For marxists and Democrats it is not news.  It is something they have known for a long time and something they have practised for generations now.   EVERY TIME A MEASURE IN PUT IN PLACE TO MAKE EDUCATION OR MEDICAL SERVICE OR ANYTHING "more accessible to the hard-working American middle class", the industry involved in that new accessibility immediately begins raising its fees and charges.  Free Money!...Harvard may have 34,000,000,000 dollars in their trust fund but why use it for student recruitment?   Throw out a few crumbs, pat yourself on the back and graduate in-bred idiots who think that they are going to wave a wand and cure the problems of Planet Earth.....Teach them global warming and Elements of the Written History of Oral Accounts of African-Americans in Africa During the Period of the Dark Ages in Europe.  Perhaps, "Wisdom of Margaret Sanger and Pete Seeger" could be extended another 20 semesters, paying illiterate professors 100,000 dollars per semester because they have a Nobel Prize in studies  of things like, "Racism as an Impediment to Underwater Basket Weaving".