Friday, 3 February 2012

Some Recent Developments in the War

Tragedy in Paradise:
The lamentable murders of the Texas religious couple that occurred in Villa de Santiago, Nuevo Leon three days ago is very regrettable and tragic.   A bit of clarity needs to be shed on this issue, especially after Greta's analysis yesterday evening.   The couple has been active for the past 29 years in the area in and around Villa de Santiago, a very enchanting and impressive piece of the North American Continent.  The couple had moved to the area from Amarillo, Texas in 1982 and raised their family in what was and what will be again a true paradise.
     They had established four congregations in the county.   They were highly regarded.   He was Latin, she was Anglo.   They embodied the best of what Protestant pastors should be.   They were generous, hard-working, and moderate in their lifestyle.   If anything, they were said to be very non-aggressive in terms of proselyting.   They worked well with other denominations' clerics.   The area is famous as a zone of very light coloured and blue or green eyed people.   Their children, because of their "purebred Texan" parentage, blended in with the "natives".
     The man and his wife were found, bound about the neck with electrical cords, she in the parlour and he about an hour later, in a storage shed towards the back of their property.   Their SUV and their computer and some other electronics were stolen.   This was not, however, any part of the slowly diminishing cartel activity....although Greta's article made it seem as though it was.
     By the very sketchy discription you have recieived in these few paragraphs, the OROG would almost immediately begin to suspect what the El Gringo Viejo surmised early on in this matter.    It would seem that evidence is pointing to a fairly stupidly executed "inside job".   The new State Police investigators and forensicists indicate that they have a group of "persons of interest" that are being detained and that they are fairly certain the case will be resolved within days.
     One other small problem.   A small, well hidden wall safe was apparently the main target of the thugs.  El Gringo Viejo does not know the people or the nature of their home.  But, according to the police, it would have required the knowledge of someone very familiar with the couple to  have known where the safe had been placed, and it is the opinion of the investigators that the couple was killed immediately upon entry.    They were not tortured in order to gain the information concerning the whereabouts of the safe.    Neighbours indicate that some people came and left within two minutes, taking the SUV of the couple with them.
      Some known addicts, one of whom may be an American, may have been involved.    For the benefit of the OROGs who have been in this area, the couple's home was only four or five miles from the famous Horsetail Falls waterfalls that have been visited by millions of people over the past century.    All very sad.

Substantial engagement at Rio Grande's edge:
    The Mexican Army, authourities on the Texas and American side, and civilian accounts now indicate that the drug traffickers from the two contending cartels began an armed contention near Anzadlduas International Bridge south of Mission, Texas.    The conflict moved up Federal Mexican Highway 2, to a point near the community of Diaz Ordaz, about 12 miles upstream.   The Mexican Army, in a fairly common manuever came up from the west and east, expecting to find a small encounter between the two cartel groups, but ran into a big one.

Texas Ranger Flores
Don't Mess with Texas
     They engaged anyway and essentially put the opposing force to flight.   The problem is that the American and Texas civilian police (Border Patrol and Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department, joined from the Texas side, firing on those attempting to escape, after first being fired on by those same persons.   Note was taken of several dead cartel people on the Tamaulipas side, while one of the bad guys was recovered on the Texas side, and two were taken  alive but wounded.    These events occurred during the twilight hours of 2 February 2012.  Two squads of Mexican Infantry (approximately 32 men and officers) and about 20 American and Texas law enforcement were involved. 
This addenda was added at 13:00 hours, Friday, 3 February 2012
 (begin original article)  Next, a very interesting development.     Yesterday, at evening,  a great commotion broke out near the community of Los Ebanos, Texas.   The community is on the Rio Grande, about mid-way between McAllen and Rio Grande City, Texas.   In a rural setting intense gunfire broke out, and local Sheriff's Office deputies along with the Border Patrol entered the area on the banks of the Rio Grande, just downstream from the community of Los Ebanos.
Mexican Army, Special Forces
Actual Combat Photograph

     As details were sorted out, it seems that a Mexican Army patrol had come upon a larger group of cockroaches who were involved in trying to push a load of marihuana over the Rio Grande.  The cockroaches engaged the inferior force with automatic weapons fire.   The Mexican Army squad, about 1o effectives, took down the resistance and pursued 2 of the malcreants to the edge of the Rio Grande, and continued firing on them as they swam to the American side.
    The U.S. and Texas authourity arrived, apparently as one wounded and one un-wounded of the cockroaches came up out of the water.   They were apprehended by the authourity on the Texas side of the Rio.   The Mexican Army personnel and the American and Texas authourities had essentially caught the malefactors in a caliper action.   Two traffickers were taken away.   One went to a hospitial, the other to detention
    While this was going on, a helicopter flew into the area from the side, approaching the area from the east-northeast.   It moved well into Mexican air- space, and then proceeded to the Los Ebanos area.    It seems as though the helicopter pilot might have been trying to determine if any of the bad guys were fleeing by motor vehicle towards Reynosa on Mexican Federal Highway 2, aka La Riberen~a...(the River Road).   None were encountered.   All were, how should we say?  Preparing to push up daisies.
     This is international co-operation.   And it is also saving money and  unclogging the Texas, American, and Mexican courts.    The issue about American or Texas helicopters going into Mexico is something that is not officially recognised but it is seen with some frequency.   This is the second time that the Gringo Viejo has seen it in the past 10 days or so.