Friday, 3 February 2012

Hey, ALGore !


It's just not working for us any more.
Do we just back to ozone-hole scare tactic?   Acid rain?   Tell us, Al.  
Al...Al....what do I do with all these #%^^#&  polar bears digging in my garbage?

Hey, Al....would you like to try for a "snow-bath" here?
Al?   Is your house in Tennessee using less carbon footprint material than Buckingham Palace?  Has it been made anywhere near as efficient as George Bush's shack out in Crawford?   You know the one that really was environmentally cognizant and adapted.....

Hey, Al....has Global Warming caused your love-shack to be inundated yet there on the end of Fisherman's Wharf in that Sparkling City by the Sea? 

Hey, Al.....can you tell us yet why McAllen, Texas had White Christmas five years ago?