Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Way We Still Get Around in Texas and Mexico

Here is a bit of a connexion with our past.   I remember running out to see the steampowered Mikado engines on the Southern Pacific line that ran about a half mile from our place near McAllen, Texas in those days.   It made our windows rattle, and enthralled a four year old with its noise, power, and friendly engineers.

We offer this up as a contempletive interlude for quiet moments of remembrance and
gratitude for the past year's blessings and for last year's trials.
A tip for navigation; click onto "The Real Polar Express"
and work through it or speed it up as you wish.   Then when it ends, click onto
"All Aboard!" and repeat, selecting at the end "Polar Express, Texas State Railroad
Palestine, Texas.


This excerpt is a bit more instructive, and equally inspiring.   Perhaps it is less for
personal reminiscence than for general and pleasant history worth knowing.

El Gringo Viejo