Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Return of Curly

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez waves as he arrives at the Mercosur summit in Montevideo, Uruguay. | AP Photo

      It was good to see Curly back in Hollywood. He has been out for so long, and we all missed him.      It turns our he's been out doing role research and visiting places in Latin America. There are rumours that he and Michael Moore are in collaboration with the Obama White House concerning a movie about how millions of Mexicans, Canadians, and Americans are swimming and tubing to Cuba to gain opportunity for business and employment, as well as access to their famous free medical

The debonair Mr. Moore, reciting the Rosary and the
Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag at the last state
convention of the Catholic War Veterans.    This is shorty after
being granted a restraining order against Angelina Jolie for
her compulsive stalking of  Mr. Moore.
      The problem is that because of the American "Blockade" of Cuba, only 195 nations of the 196 that presently exist trade with Cuba. Since there is absolutely no commercial connectivity between the United States and Cuba, the United States accounts for only 77% of the foreign income that arrives in Cuba via family "remesas" and other American-originated activity.
Because the Americans are meanies, the Cuban economy is now the 2nd poorest per capita in the New World. Curly and Michael Moore are almost certain to be going to Venezuela to collaborate with the democratically elected President for Life, Michillin Pillsbury who is creditted with having elevated Venezuela from 6th place in the New World per capita income line-up in 1980 to 23rd place in 2010. Since the number 23 is bigger than 6, President Michelin Pillsbury has declared that there is now almost four times less poverty in Venezuela, and also, four times fewer people in the wealthy and middle classes. When asked by a reporter about the impossibility of having "four times fewer or four times less"....that perhaps it should be accurately stated as one-fourth as much...President Pillsbury sent the reporter on a 32-year paid vacation. His daughter was sent to the Venezuelan Prison for Male Pyschotic Murderers on a scholarship to study applied criminology. Never underestimate the generousity of President Michelin Pillsbury when he is paying bills with other peoples' money.

Curly is going to be making an announcment soon about the possibility that Arnold Schwarzenegger may play the lead and title role for the new movie, which will be titled "Return of Evita" . It is all about Frida Kahlo, and how Hillary Everest's conquering of Mount Rodham influenced Frida to make movies for little girls' inspiration. Since the movie is determined to appeal to sensible adult and mature audiences, the Peoples Republic of North Korea will loan the embalmed bodies of both Kim Dad Ded and Kim Son Gone to be included in every scene along with the embalmed bodies of Nikolai Lenin and Uncle Joe Stalin. Selma Hayak and Louise Ciccone will play Siamese Twin reverse-transgendered daughtsons of sub-commandante Marcos. The embalmed body of Frida Kahlo, along the the red flag with the hammer and sickle that was draped over her body at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City will play the role of Jose, the taxi driver who knows everybody and every place. Leon Trotsky will be played by Hillary Rodham due to their look-alike screen presence. Barney Frank will play Miss Kitty.
      Curly has his work cut out for him. Scheduled to open on the first day of Kwanzaa, 2012.
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