Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Racism/Eric Holder/Barak Obama?

Eric Holder has taken the American marxist refuge.   When ones actions cannot be defended in any reasonable manner, it is necessary to begin flailing the term "racist" at ones opponents and assuming an expression of sneering contempt.
     He ties himself to that other paragon of Americanism, Barack Hussien Obama, and declares that he and his immediate bureaucratic superior are both victims of that horrid disorder that only exists in America.   No other place.   And it is only practised by people who have a strain of Southern ancestry, who are Caucasian, Protestant, preferably Anglo/Saxon or Teutonic/Saxon, who own guns, and are, obviously, meanspirited.

     Eric Holder says that discrimination against him is the same as that which is heaped upon the poor, hapless victim Obama because he and Obama are African Americans.   The problem, of course, is that Barack Hussein Obama is not an "African-American" in any American sense.    The Gringo Viejo was perhaps among the very first to point this out during that ghastly 2008 election episode when almost no one knew anything about Barack Obama....about his ancestry, about his collegiate and post-graduate studies, about his proclivity to vote "present" on almost any piece of legislation, about his saturation with communist and anti-American instruction and associations, about his lack of any significant history, substance, concrete accomplishments, or attachment to any philosophical guidance save for marxism.    He has no blood-line that in any way represents the history of the Negro race in the British Colonies, the Dutch or Spanish periods or areas, nor the French New World experience.    Barack Hussein Obama is not an "African-American".   He is a marxist-American.
     BHO was like his father in one way....being pretty much dedicated to the sale and consumption of cocaine during his college days.    His father was better, because he could mix his drug use with copious amounts of alcohol.   His father was better, playing out his own minstrel blackface show by becoming the stereotypical stereotype of a KKK Grand Wizard's stereotypical depiction of a Negro male.    University people loved BHO's father, however, because he was "inspired".
     One could tell he was "inspired"  because of his writings.   His writings, papers, treatises and such were almost illiterate jibber, dealing with topic somewhat related to his hatred of white people, The United Kingdom and its Royal House, his lust for women, his hatred of free enterprise, colonialism, and....always....for white people who had pale skin.
     Barak Hussein Obama's father fit in well with another stereotype.    That template is provided by Auntie Zulema  who is an illegal alien, a welfare cheat and fraud, an aggressively  and arrogantly determined "entitled person", and certainly a person who blames the Americans for (1) giving her the free food, housing, lottery ticket money, and walking around money and (2) not giving her enough free food, housing, lottery ticket money, and walking around money.
Come to know and love Auntie Zeituni like we all do by clicking on the above linkage.
      The template is rounded out by Uncle Onyango, who is an illegal alien, under complete public assistance, holding a valid social security card, and a frequent visitor to both the bar and the bench. 
Come to know and love Uncle Onyango like we all do by clicking on the above linkage.

      The bringing of these matters to the attention of the public is racism, of course.    It was also racism when we pointed out the drunken, pot-smoking  scum who were siblings of Billy Jeff Blythe and Hillary Rodham....both panhandlers, shaking down potential pardon-seekers for "finders fees"....so we are just staying in character.   Sadly they were just being grifting slugs like their respective older brother and sister.   They were, at least, not illegal aliens on complete public support.    Like when we used to make fun of ....many, many, many years ago of Sam Houston Johnson for being a drunk and a slug.   He was, at least, not an illegal alien on complete public support.   He just had the bad fortune to be related to a murderous, perverted slug like Lyndon Baines Johnson.
      Can we all imagine how Barack and Eric hoot and howl with laughter about how they "pulled one over"....on those stupid crackers who like to cleave unto their guns and Bibles...by having them pay Uncle Onyango's and Auntie Zietuni room and board and walking around money.    It's so easy to hate America when you have the Americans paying you to do it.
      Perhaps Auntie Zietuni can qualify for an in vitro process and become a baby mother so she could pick up an extra pittance through AFDC/WIC/and stamp allocations.   In Massachusetts that would amount to an extra 15k per year if she could sell her checks and stamps for 50% on the dollar at the liquor store on the corner.    She could even take her payout in lottery tickets.    After all, she and Uncle Onyango are on a roll.
     Eric....Barack....the Old Gringo is really sorry about all the racism you  all have had to suffer.   More money is on the way to the IRS so that you can send more and more folks some more "gettin' even" money.   That money makes their lives better  and gives them that uplifting sense of personal value.   It liberates them from the bondage of dependency.    Right?
Always appreciative of fundamental transformation, El Gringo Viejo slouches off to the dark parts of his cave and grumbles with his moldy tofu and funny smelling goat's milk smoothy.
(put together, it tastes really good....like the way a old ash tray smells after two or three weeks).
El Gringo Viejo