Friday, 9 December 2011

Two of My Favourite People

 Fred and Barney let the Gringo Viejo down a little when they issued a statement approving
the President's speech in, Kansas a couple of days ago.   According to the
Statement, ..." We are in agreement with Obama.   We don't need any ATMs, communications
technology, computers, or any of that gadget stuff.  We like envionmentally friendly autos,
and fertilizer-producing Eviro-blend Aircraft.   Everything we have is solar powered or not.
   Luddites rule!"
     We have gone over and over the speech given by Barak Obama in Kansas the other day.   The vision Barak Obama shows once again that he does not know anything about social demographics, less about comparative economic data involving other nations and parts of the Planet Earth, and that lack of such knowledge does not bother him in the least.
     OROGs know that the Gringo Viejo knew from the beginning that the intent and objective of this individual was to create a war between black people plus others within the broad grouping of "The Oppressed"  against the middle class and the upper economic ranges of American society.
     For a man with no father....for a man without a country....he is certanly guided by the chromozomes and genetic imprint of his biological father.   His father was a drug addict, alcoholic, mysogenist, communist, and anti-colonialist.   His father considered Winston Churchill to be evil and Joseph Robert Stalin to be good.    Like his father, Obama sees a world finally berid of Jews to be a better place.
      Obama's grandparents were "typical white" communists who loved to live in luxury in Hawai'i, while they instructed everyone else that it would be better for them to live on collective farms and make hams and jams for the commissars.   The new social order would necessarily be led by people qualified in the finer points of social democracy, the application of violence and threat of violence, the application of anarchy and threats of anarchy, principally against the upper middle class of any society.

     His mother, like his father, used copius amounts of drugs and alcohol.   She was also afflicted with mental and emotional disorders, perhaps induced by her various addictions.

The fact that Barak Obama does not reveal his medical records, nor does he reveal his academic records speaks volumes.    The fact that he tried to cover up his association with known communists and violent felons underscores the fact that he was and is a form of Manchurian Candidate, no matter how much some people would like to dismiss such "ridiculous" assertions.

Like Billy Jeff Blythe taking Roman Catholic communion, (was it in Kenya?) the other most intelligent, well-rounded, and knowledgeable person in the history of the Earth, dwarfing Solomon by 3 trillion gbytes, the Jew-hating, Judaism-hating president gloats about "good partying" (good party means pot-smoking, of course, just like 'Tea-bagger' had an incredibly pornographic, degrading, and course meaning among the 'elite') by essentially mis-using (desecrating?) an article (type of candelabra) used in commemoration of the Miracle of Chanukah.   What an ignorant slug.

     When one actually reads a few pages of his supposed writings, such as the book written by ( Bill  Ayers, under Obama's name, it becomes clear that Barak Obama has never had any thought beyond the intent and objective to make trouble for people he styled as "them that's got".    Although he had "always had", he had been taught that "them that's got" are bad people who made their "gettins'' by luck, graft, and exploitation.   Urban colonialism, subjection, discrimination, and other dastardly systems were put in place to keep black people and other oppressed and exploited people down.    He was taught to decry love Diego Rivera's murals depicting the decadence of the life-styles of the rich and famous....but to enjoy the same trappings of wealth, since, after all, he thought of himself as one of the higher commissars.    After all, he was like Jesus....because he was a "community organiser" too.
     Hate Jews, spread the wealth, demonize people who actually solved problems associated with poverty as being the ones who caused poverty.   Take over universities and preach class warfare incessantly to newly arriving "students" who could never begin to pass the 8th grade graduate record exam used by many States before the year 1900.

Luddites sabotaging weaving machines.
Instead of "Back to the Future", they were
committed to "Forward to the Past".

     One of the great and main differences is that socialists want to control everyone's lives and assign people their tasks and benefits, finally reducing the entire population to a level one onion skin's breadth away from misery.....with, of course, one teensey-weensey little exception.    The elite, who know what is best for the rest, are allowed their dachas and little luxuries like running water, guns, autos with chauffeurs, food, 300 year old brandy, etc.   They are also allowed to kill anyone who doesn't understand that it is best to do what is best for the rest.     The conservatives, on the other hand, wish that all should prosper by their own hand, without interference from their "betters".   This would do away with the need for excessive government-based charity, which always is used to buy votes with the money of the productive and to cause dependency and sloth among the recipients.
     Put simply Barak, marxists, many large business organisations, almost all Democrats want to enslave people to dependency upon the government to provide un-deserved food, housing, and other benefits.   They can maintain these people with money confiscated by force from the productive.   They provide first for themselves to have luxury, and then to government workers, so that they have comfort for doing little.  The rest...the little just the breadth of the skin of an onion above the level of misery.   Welcome to Cuba.... 
     Some Republicans, all intellectual conservatives, almost all libertarians, and most traditionalist Christians and Jews want everyone to rise up and be independent, self reliant, and prosperous unto their own account.   They want a world where each gives according to his will and to the cause of his choice.  Welcome to what little is left.....Texas, Singapore,
      Self interest is not "greed".   Selfishness is a form of greed, not self-interest.   The Nazarene preached that one should love his neighbour as himself, meaning, of course, that a person had to have some sense of self-value and a sense of responsibility to ones people and possessions.  It is difficult to be generous if one has not produced from the wealth he was given by Providence.
Pray for the State of the Republic.
El Gringo Viejo