Friday, 9 December 2011

Quick Class

Time to re-order thinking.   It is long overdue.
       The Gringo Viejo has not always felt this way.   He incorrectly followed the admirers of Hoover for a while; after all he and Roosevelt opposed one another.    But the heroes of the twenties were Harding and Coolidge.    Harding...a Republican with women problems true, but he saved the USA from Wilson's nutty notions and promulgated legislation that pulled us out of the  Depression of 1920 - 1921....and died early.    He gave us his Vice-President, Calvin Coolidge who may be one of the greatest Presidents, that is why the intellectuals have to make fun of him.   Then we had Herbert Clark  Hoover, a committed  Republican "progressive", devoted to government intervention and massive deficit spending which caused the market crash to turn into a Depression by throwing money at the problem.    It didn't work to solve the Crash or anything else.   Roosevelt ran as a budget balancing Conservative Democrat....then morphed into a hydrophobic socialist upon inauguration.    His leftist policies mired America into an almost permanent Great Depression.

Calvin Coolidge
Warren Harding

Happy viewing on this very brief history and economics lesson.....3 minutes.
Thanks for your time and trouble.   We have rain here on the frontier finally. 
El Gringo Viejo