Thursday, 8 December 2011

Pretty Faces? Yes and no

     Enrique Pena Nieto, de Partido Revolucionario Democratico candidate for the Mexican Presidency in next year's July election, and also the newlywed husband of some silly soap opera star has had a substantial inauspicious start to his "slam-dunk" electoral victory.   He is managing to garner headlines such as these, "Can Mexican presidential candidate avoid 'Rick Perry' slump after books fumble?"

     In the case of Rick Perry, the Gringo Viejo has some considerable experience having to suffer through Rick's convoluted, drawn-out, of ten pointless dronings.   It is fairly obvious that the guy is a Caterpillar D-9....and one underestimates the Governor's intellect at one's own peril.   But he cannot speak well before a group, large or small, and he does not think quickly.
Enrique Pena Nieto
Candidate for the Presidency of Mexico
Partido Revolucionario Institucional
     Enrique Pena, on the other hand, is just kind of intellectually "otherwise capacitated" as they say now in the politically correct world of urbane Mexico.   Over here, he would be known as a 'dumbo'. He has had repeated lapses of memory, and several Obamaesque episodes of responding to a question with a fifteen to twenty minute rambling assembly of phrases that frequently wind up not having anything to do with the question or the topic at hand. Most recently he declared that he likes to read books, sometimes novels but could not name any. Later he recalled some titles but paired them to the incorrect authors.   He also said that he read the Bible, and had been inspired and guided by it....ending with the brilliant "....I have even read a little of it." Not cool, even with a Bimbo ....(denigrating term for public woman deleted)...who seems to always be vying for the position once held by the ....(denigrating term for a public woman deleted)....Sasha Montenegro, the mistress, and later wife, of the ....(denigrating term for a disgusting, corrupt slug)....Jose Lopez Portillo, President of Mexico 1976 -1982.
     Obama has the advantage of a lapdog, elitist press to cover for his repetitive, mendacious, demagogue-like monologues that seem to pass for speeches.   They certainly sweep his "...all 57 States in the Nation..."   slip-ups under the camel's hair rug.    But Enrique does not have that luxury.   The press in Mexico has been increasingly independent and vigourous in political matters.   They try to avoid covering the cartel issues so much, although there are those who do and do it well.    But many prefer to cut their risks of offending people who are prone to violent, unpredictable reactions and concentrate on politics and other newsworthy matters.
     Plus, while the very handsome dunce  really was Governor of the State of Mexico, adjacent to the Federal District, not all the electorate is totally convinced that he is anything more than a pretty face.   His wife is not known for much beyond being a manner of speaking.
The nation is also being presented with the candidacy of a very sharp, tooth and nail scrapper, who has considerable private business and public sector experience.   She is reasonably attractive, very well spoken, and conservative....and almost certain to be nominated next month in the Partido de Accion Nacional's national nomination convention.   She also has an excellent social resume'.
Josefina Vazquez Mota
Candidata a la Presidencia de Mexico
Partido de Accion Nacional
     Josefina is well-spoken, deeply intellectual, charismatic, and conservative philosophically.
There are many, many females who are voting for the first or second time from the middle class....and there are many, many working-class females who have a long history of electoral participation,  who are tending towards this woman.   Frequently, during campaign stops, she is thronged by these types.   Also well represented in her posse is the standard PAN stalwarts, along with younger males, small business blue collar types as well as the white-collar managerial types.
      So....since the left has chosen an essentially deranged fool, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who managed to squander a 53 - 30 - 17 lead four months away from the Presidential elections 6 years ago......we find ourselves in a horserace.    Enrique's poll numbers have already begun to wobble....from "sure bet" to re-instate the PRI to a good, solid  "perhaps".

     As an aside, the Old Gringo cannot understand why the leftist PRD did not nominate the mayor of Mexico City....a solid pinko, but one who has done a defendible job as CEO of the biggest City in the World.   But, the younger man deferred to the older, and barring some kind of intervention by fate,  the Partido de la Revolucion Democratica may find itself shopping for some kind of appropriate historical dust-bin quite soon. 

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
Candidato a la Presidencia de Mexico
Partido de la Revolucion Democratica
The issues will be interesting to watch as they unfold.    As you all are aware, were the Gringo Viejo a Mexican with a dog in this hunt coming up, he would support unequivocally the girl.
El Gringo Viejo