Friday, 16 December 2011

Research on the AK series of rifles imported for sale in the United States

This is an aside to the post we made previously, which is probably more informative and interesting.   El Gringo Viejo is putting this in so that people can understand all the complications concerning firearms and especially low-quality firearms such as those that are of recent manufacture in Red China and Romania  and other Eastern European countries.   The WASR-10 was popular at one time but no longer.   Coupled with the improper usage and poor maintenance practiced by the criminal and psuedo-revolutionary movements presently found operating in various theatres of the world, the entire suite of AK weaponry and AR knock-off from Red China make very poor armaments.    Good once, twice, maybe three times...then, watch out!    Please read the following posting by a gun expert and private collector, published not long ago on a gun enthusiast site.


(excerpted by the Gringo Viejo from a knowledgeable web source)

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

DO NOT GET THE WASR..... Last Sunday afternoon my Romanian WASR 10 EXPLODED at 4 in the afternoon... Thats right blew up!!! I have owned several AK47 rifles in the last 25 years and this one is the worst gun that ever happened to me.... Luckily I had my safety glasses on and this hat I had on took the brunt of the receiver cover blasting me in the head.... I spent 3 hours picking schrapnel steel out of my face, arms and neck.... Every day for the last 4 days I have been picking steel particles out of my arm..... I took the rifle to a gunsmith and it is inconclusive what happened to the rifle. He suspects either the bolt wasnt completly shut when it fired or it was a hot powder charge in the cartridge..... This particular AK I bought about 5 months ago and put approximately 1100 rounds thru it. It was cleaned after every use so I am a little miffed as to what happened.... Fortunately the bolt didntschrapnel into my face, neck and left inside of my wrist where the magazine plugs in....... BUY A BETTER GRADE OF AK47 RIFLE. Forget the WASR.....
If you or anyone that owns one of these WASR rifle wants to contact me for questions about safety recomendations 2 gunsmiths have made on how to prevent this from happening to you then feel free to contact me.....
Thanks for your continued interest.
El Gringo Viejo