Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Reason the Press Aspirates During Advent, Christmas,and Epiphany

The local press is composed of nice people who have that wondrous opportunity to be inside of a television rather than plasti-molded into a sofa or recliner looking at a television.   Those who are not inside the television are fortunate enough to put their names on human interest article of the season.    You know....those joyful stories about....

       "......due to the government cutbacks on medical and social services put forward by the Republican legislature this is not going to be the Merry Little Christmas that Mary Ann Wompleduffer was hoping to have for her seven children.    It's especially bad this Christmas because  her house burned down again three weeks ago, "ironically" just like last year.   She and her whole family are living in the back of an old abandoned pickup over on the edge of the stockyards and slaughterhouse, next to the sewer plant.
      "Ironically, Christmas falls on the 25th again with is always the same day as Mary Ann and all of her children were born....and they have a connection with Jesus, because, "ironically" he was born on the same day.  And they were really poor, too.     Many people think that it is "ironic" that Mary Ann's name is just like Jesus's mother's name and that there are so many parallels between their situations.
       "'Ironically' Mary Ann's plight was made worse because of the Republican sponsored cutbacks in basic social safety net programs that were provided originally by Barak Obama and the Democrat sponsored legislation that  was stopped before it could arrive to Mary Ann, who is so similar to Mary and so many Americans in this never ending recession.
    But like Mary Ann said, coughing through her black lung contracted during her days as a coal miner, that......

                                             Gimme, Mr. Rich Man

                                 "It really seems so little to ask,
                                   That those, who in their riches, bask,
                                   To give a bit, what they could spare,
                                   But the One Percent just doesn't care
                                                                                                       El Gringo Viejo - 2011

Please pardon the Gringo Viejo as he reaches for another tissue.
Ironically yours,
El Gringo Viejo

Diana says that I have to declare the poem as a copyright, so therefore the new classic American poem "Gimme, Mr. Rich Man" authoured by the ever humble Gringo Viejo is private property and all benefits derived from the use of said property accrues to the said Gringo Viejo.