Friday, 16 December 2011

Without a Doubt

Issues about Mexico, Mexicans, and things that relate to American and Mexican interaction is the continuing theme of A Gringo in Rural Mexico.   During these days of Advent, the Gringo Viejo will try to employ a bit of nostalgia, a tad of rancour, a smidgen of humour, and a dash of reason.

      The issue with Mr. Holder is cut and dried.   He is a marxist, American-hating, and truth-be-known, like a lot of extreme left-wing activists, he is also anti-Mexican.   He is especially anti-Mexican at times when Mexico seems to be edging, like a blind person feeling his way around a new room, to the political right.  The further Mexico matures away from the "inevitability of world socialism" the more desperate the marxist agencies become in America and Europe to defame and denigrate Mexico.    Admittedly, there are times when Mexico becomes and remains its own worst enemy, as when an otherwise reasonable and inspired President Felipe Calderon makes stupid statements during an address to a joint session of the United States Congress.....but he fell for the idea put forth by the left in both countries that he could advance anything with the American people by saying something uselessly offensive.   Such things only serve to damage him and overall relations, as he quickly learnt.
        Holder is a piece of work.   He is the anti-American slug who did the heavy paper-work shuffling to arrange the pardon for the Puerto Rican terrorists at the end of Billy Jeff's illustrious term of president.   While Hillary Rodham was demanding a pardon for a particular Jewish personality who was associated with a sect that normally votes Republican, Holder was waiting outside the Oval Office to pick up Billy Jeff's signature for Marc Rich's pardon.
       Hillary's intervention cost the Jewish sect's leaders about 90,000 dollars in campaign contributions, and the "Free Marc Rich Fund", (Marc Rich's ex-wife), paid Billy Jeff 400,000 dollars to the Little Rock Taj Mahal Library Project.   The processor for all of it was the estimable Mr. Holder, the lapdog of Gorelick and the butler to Reno.
        It would follow, of course, that the law firm from which Holder was extracted has a long, long, long record of intervening on behalf of agents, individuals, and groups whose main justification is to wake up in the morning and blame America.   They are the people who arrange flights for Elian Gonzalez to be "liberated" from Disneyland and flown back to Fidel so that he can be close to his father and enjoy the advantages of living in a workers' paradise.

     The Republicans err in not making alliance where alliance will aid the issue.   They should point out repeatedly that the "Fast and Furious" program has resulted directly in the death of a member of the United States  Border Patrol....a Marine veteran of Iraq.   But they should also repeat, repeat, repeat and then repeat again, again, and again that the entire reason for the establishment of the program was to defame "gun dealers" and "gun shows" in order to close down those establishments and institutions.   Even when it became clear that was the probable motive, Holder still insisted on having Obama issue an "executive order" requiring more stringent imposition of un-legislated rules and regulations concerning sales of "long-barrel" firearms in the States of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and the Peoples' Republic of California.
Chutzpah, I believe is the word.   "Stuff it" is the way John Kerry's elegant, beautiful, and refined wife would express the administration's attitude towards reality.  
     The gun dealers and gun shows have had an excellent record in pointing out what they assume to be straw man purchases.   They have done this over the years at great danger to themselves.
      The myth....or better stated, the lie....about the drug cartels arming themselves from American gun store-shelves is laughable and ridiculous.   It was a convenient intellectual hidey-hole for the Mexican left to use and point out how evil the Americans are and America is.    It was a convenient windmill for the American left to construct and use to point out how evil America is because there are homes that actually have guns in them.

United States Border Patrolman
Brian Terry, QEPD*
        It is very clear, and well known to Americanm Mexican, and Interpol analysts, that 95% of all the guns in the possession of the Cartels come from Red China, the Russian and Eastern European organised crime cartels, Islamic traffickers of armaments, and, until recently from North Viet Nam's  cache of captured ARVN stockpiles.   A recent, huge shipment was recently decommissioned off a PRC ship delivering "commercial goods" to the port of Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan.    A brief announcement was made about the incident, and then dropped out of the news mix by the MSM.    There are reports from local observers that Mexican Navy personnel did remove approximately 130 (one hundred and thirty) 2.5 ton truckloads of "military material and other contraband" from the ship, and the ship has been blocked in port now by the Navy.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011 13:46

Mexico Makes Biggest-Ever Firearms Seizure

Written by Jeanna Cullinan
Mexico Makes Biggest-Ever Firearms Seizure
Federal authorities confiscated 911 guns from a container ship in the port of Lazaro Cardenas, on Mexico's Pacific, which was headed to Nicaragua. The guns were found on board a cargo ship en route to Nicaragua, during a planned stop at the Michoacan port of Lazaro Cardenas. The ship is believed to be of Turkish origin, but no information was provided on the origin or destination of the weapons. The operation was carried out by Mexico’s Navy, working with the Federal Attorney General’s Office and customs officials, and represents the largest seizure of illegal weapons in the country’s history, reports Milenio.The cache included several varieties of handguns and more than 750 shotguns. Organized crime groups generally prefer to use semi-automatic and assault weapons, like the AK-47 or AR-15. One variant on the AK-47, the WASR-10, is the gun most commonly seized within Mexico.
(El Gringo Viejo ran this article some days back.   The ship that was "believed to be of Turkish origin was originally a Turkish ship , but has been in Red Chinese service for some time.    Since this occurred, another Red Chinese ship came in, and we can understand why there might have been some purposeful obfuscation by the Mexican Navy about the provenance of the ship and the cargo.  The number "911 guns" is laughable.    We would urge that the reader consider the Headline of the above story, and not the body to consider the relative importance of the issue at Lazaro Cardenas.    It is an issue the MSM has, as all OROGs can attest, avoided assiduously.
  The other ship carried weapons as well, but had a bit of a cherry for the chocolate sundae as well.  Please continue.)

     While the haul off of the first ship was much larger, in all probability, than what is described in the above article, the second article reveals much less modesty and caution on the part of the Mexican Navy communique'.   To wit:

Mexican Navy Makes Meth Chemical Haul
A massive cargo of a chemical used to make meth, likely destined for the US, is found in 11 shipping containers from China.
Needle in a haystack Photo via
The Mexican navy has seized 226 tons of methylamine, a banned chemical used to manufacture synthetic drugs including methamphetamine, it announced today. The haul was found spread among 11 shipping containers in the Pacific port of Lazaro Cardenas. The containers had been shipped from China; East Asia is a leading consumer and manufacturer of many chemicals and drugs in the amphetamine-type stimulant (ATS) category, which includes meth and ecstasy. And Mexico's many traffickers are only too happy to profit—they're blamed for the bulk of synthetic drug imports to the US market.
      It is almost certain that the shipment cited above was also carrying large supplies of weaponry and munitions.    The oddity is that much, if not all, of the weaponry was destined for Nicaragua.   It is presumed by various observers that the "new, improved democratic" Daniel Ortega is arming a Liga Voluntaria Sandinista to begin a Che-like infiltration into Costa Rica, Honduras, and even Panama.   Democratic and other "reasonable" leftwing regimes in Central America poo-poo the idea in public, but in private it is taken very seriously.
Since the re-installation of Daniel under heavy pressure due to obviously rigged presidential elections recently conducted in Nicaragua....that Central American country has returned to being a re-arming, re-supplying, and R&R location for cartel traffic.   Mexico has become very precarious in recent times due to Calderon's war on the cartels.
      AND Therefore, to return to the issue, the Republicans, and the defenders of America and the American way, should....nay, MUST.....take out the large blanket and declare the following:

       The Cartel people want to poison your children.   They have allies high in the American entertainment and music industry.    They have allies among the cultureless, atheist, relativist, humanist zombie alliance throughout Europe, Latin America and North America.   "I'm okay, You're okay" is not a good catechism.
        ERIC HOLDER is guilty of conspiracy to implement an illegal policy, regarding the sale and purchase of firearms, which led to the death of an American Border Patrolman and  other innocent American citizens.   By extension, he and his immediate subordinates, and his immediate superior are guilty of being accessories to murder in that they particpated knowingly and willingly in illegal acts that led to those murders.
       They are also guilty of the same crime in relation to the killings (murders) of as many as 10 soldiers in the Army of the Republic of Mexico, and perhaps as many as 5 sailors in the Naval Infantry of the Navy of the Republic of Mexico.   Forensic investigation strongly suggests that they AND as many as 10 innocent civilian individuals, including women and children, were killed as part of collateral loss during confrontatation between established civilian and/or military authourity of the Republic of Mexico and individuals involved in organised crime (cartels), or during incidents involving confrontations between different organised crime elements (cartels).
       That is is hefty charge, perhaps.   But, it is a true charge.   Mexican and American forensic examinations have determined that firearms involved in the "Fast and Furious" lunacy were involved in the loss of life above cited.    Dead innocent Mexicans, dead innocent Americans, all due to a seedy, vile, mendacious attempt to disarm Americans who have a legitimate right to ownership of firearms.
       And yes, El  Gringo Viejo says mendacious because, like the term "hope and change", everything about the establishment, operation, and cover-up pertaining to the "fast and furious" lunacy has been devious, deceitful, and mendacious.    And unjustifiably deadly.  

*QEDP -  A Spanish expression equivalent to RIP.   It states Que En Paz Descanse....That he should rest in peace.