Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tips, and Toes, and Tulipanes

      Louisiana racist Republicans re-elected the sitting governor of Louisiana.   The funny-looking, smallish, and brownish, foreign-looking governor  has never denied that he has Indian ancestry, but it is known by the New York Times that he is  not like the  real Indians like the ones who ride around in circles in the real movies when they find wagons that have been circled.   He comes from those funny-looking Indians who all play flutes for cobras all the time.    He won re-election while facing 9 opponents, and like Cristina below, avoided a run-off by winning a majority in the first balloting.   The difference is that his majority was 67%, while Cristina's was 54%.   G0vernor Jindal won by using his own campaign funds, Cristina won by using public money to buy favours for the "poor",

Cristina Kirschner de Fernandez
the New Evita, equally marxist
but mean.   She is the Queen of
the Southern Universe, where
water circulates the wrong
way going down the drain 
   Cristina Fernandez, who is proud of the fact that she is drawn into politics from her bomb throwing marxist days, also attempts to assure the people of Argentina that she will solve all the problems permanently again, like she did during her first term.   The Argentine people love her to death.   They think she is the re-incarnation of Evita who was a saloon girl taken in by an multiple-personality disordered demagog named Juan Peron, President of Argentina who was the most ruthless, kinder and gentler, socialist, conservative, unionizer, pro-Axis, pro-Communist, pro-American, pro-business, anti-capitalist,Nazi-hider,Israel-backing,anti-intellectual, schoolhouse building, enigmatic democratic dictator in Latin American History.

 King George VI
      So that all OROGs will know what kind of a monarchist the Old Gringo is, he ranks Princess Diana fairly high, although she receives a "Golden Dumboe Statue" for never learning that a Princess, even in these days or perhaps especially in these days, never has privacy, never has any duty save to her Queen and to her public.   Being Royalty in these days is a blessed curse, the same as having Royalty.   She was high-bred enough to have understood that and to have understood as well that her husband was going to be much more like his  dumboe great uncle Edward and nothing like his "common hero" grandfather, King George VI .   But like my wife says, she was just a country girl.  Yes, but Elizabeth was also "just a girl" and began well and ends now well, acquitting a glorious, if thankless job.
      Argentina contradicts the Gringo Viejo's lack of belief in multiple personality disorder.  Argentina stands as a living monument to the stupidity of intelligence.   To the intransigence of change.   To the transitory nature of permanence.    Of course, the Argentines loved  Evita and still love  her.  Conservative Argentines say that "Cristina rides her broom on the winds of Evita's breath" or that Cristina is "Evita Heavy".
       During Cristina's previous term, she forced laws through parliament to "nationalize" private pension funds.   The Argentine Peso has fallen like a shot bird. Please click onto the linkage below to have an idea of O'bama's plans for the greenback Yankee dollar.   Be aware, Obama will do the same expropriation of Americans' private pensions...calling them..."tesoros muertos''....or dead treasures.   He will propose to bring them to life, in order to spread the wealth....    Cristina did not just propose...she actually did it.  Check this graph to see if you can determine when Cristina succeeded in accessing the pension f

     The Argentine exchequer has been buffetted by her first term largesse, "giving to the poor", and menacing of the productive sector a la Hugo Chavez.   She has frightened businesses and even labour unions in Brazil,  which is Argentina's largest trading partner.    She goes out of her way to remind any audience that she is anti-American....although she cannot describe precisely what it is about America that she is so anti about.   In the graph that we have linked to above, let it set up and then look on the top area of the graph background for the time-frame
checking on the 5 year graph.   That will give the OROG an idea of Cristina's past four years, and the four years before of her husband's Presidency.

    There is a picture gallery, published by the venerable Washington Post, which will certainly qualify for the "puke a buzzard off a gut-wagon" Hall of Fame.   There are a few innocuous pictures about the solitude of defeat of Cristina's opponents, some of her and her son, followed by pictures of a woman who for some reason does not look like the official campaign picture of Cristina.  She looks like an old, beat up saloon ......person....who has mastered the art of putting on 372,554 tons of facial makeup.   You all don't think that Cristina would have used a "newer girl in an older picture" trick, do you?   The "older picture" is the one on the left at the top of this submission.   You can be the judge if a woman would stoop so low as to try to look younger than she really is.   Why cna't she just go ahead and look like Helen Thomas?   After all Helen is beautiful....in her own way.
        The OROG can access the photo gallery at the above linkage.   Be aware, please, that this gush is so patently the fluff of a demogogette, that The Queen of the Universe (Sir Edmund) Hillary will be taking notes on how to " Be no ways tired...." while corkscrewing down in her flak jacket to swoop up her daughter from danger inside the burning twin towers,     They are two peas in a pod.  False, self-serving, marxists elitists shovelling government and private bribe money into their own accounts, living in gated preserves, surrounded by armed guards, while condemning the "rich".    Neither Cristina nor (Sir Edmund)Hillary could fit their their little toes into Diana's or Evita's crystal slippers.    Or Sarah Palin's crystal hunting boots.

as a method of forming a prosperous nation.;
    To think, Fidel Castro and his brother Raul are known to have in the neighbourhood of 5 billion dollars stashed in Spain, Switzerland, France, and other "away from Cuba" places.Can the OROGs imagine?   Cuba, after 50 years of communist revolution, and fending off invasions by the dreaded and horrid Gringos, has an incredible Gross National Product of a little less than 12,000,000,000 dollars with a population of a little less than 11,000,000 people.   Since neither nation allows the other to trade with it....the United States still manages to be Cuba's fourth most important trading partner, after Red China,  Spain, and Venezuela.  Mexico and Canada are far down the list.   Almost all the countries who condemn the "American Blockade"....of course are liars....Cuba's problem is that they have nothing to sell and they cannot buy anything.    Oh!....and by the way....even with the  food stamp slobs that we have to support in such a dufus county as this, Hidalgo County in Texas, with a population of right around 800,000, Hidalgo County produces over 13,000,000,000 dollars in economic activity.    Put in a comparative chart....

            800,000 people - Hidalgo County, Texas         13,000,000,000 gross economic activity
                                                                                                                           16,250 per person

            850,000 people - Municipio de Reynosa            7,000,000,000 gross economic activity
                                                                                                                            8,235 per person

      11,000,000 people - Peoples' DR of Cuba               12,000,000,000 gross economic activity
                                                                                                                            1, 099 per person

     It should be noted that when the Old Gringo was a pre-delinquent, in the early 1950s say, the income per person average throughout Cuba would have been something in the order of 10 times the income average of places like Reynosa in Mexico.    Quite a revolution.   The only difference is that Cuba moved from free enterprise and clunky predictable corruption to communism and total corruption, while Mexico moved from socialism and clunky, predictable corruption  to increasingly free enterprise and free market activity alternatives and less clunky corruption.

     Free trade agreements do not have anything to do with jobs being transferred oversees or beyond our borders.   Those transfers had begun long, long, long before any free trade agreements.   By using lib-think, the media has managed to tie "job losses" to "free trade".   Job losses came from labour unions in the United States bargaining themselves out of the market.
Job losses also came from something as simple as shutting down deep water oil and gas activity after an accident in the Gulf of Mexico.    By the hundreds upon thousands.   With illogical, counter-productive regulations.   MORE OIL SEEPS INTO THE GULF FROM THE SEA-FLOOR IN A DAY THAN EVER HAS BEEN SPILLED BY DRILLING, EXTRACTION, AND TRANSFER.   Beware of the enviro-psychomendacious berserk syndrome....commonly known as the ALGore EastAnglia University- Complex Missing Chromozome Condition.
      Trading with the Red Chinese is not equitable.    The countries with whom we have free trade agreements have increased their economic activity and their imports from the United States.    We do well with Korea, Japan, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and other  such countries.   We only do poorly with Red China....and they still steal everything they can in terms of intellectual property and industrial espionage.

     Remember that our numbers one, two, and three leading suppliers of foreign oil, depending on the month, are Canada, Venezuela, and Mexico depending on the month.    EXXON, out of Houston, supplies Mexico's PEMEX stations with almost 75% of their high-test 93 octane gasoline sold as Supreme at the Red Pump.   It is essentially EXXON Extra with two variations based on the elevation of the destination.   Mexico City's 7,300 fasl is a bit daunting and much of the rest goes to places below 4,000 feet.

The Old Gringo is late for a meeting with Rosie, Michelle, and (Sir Edmund) to learn the lyrics of the new song, "If I had a hammer, this land would be your land, the trouble I've seen."   Is that how it goes?

El Gringo Viejo....