Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Carrying a Point Forward

Free Trade agreements do not have anything...or at most, very do with jobs being transferred overseas or beyond our borders.    Those transfers had begun long, long before any free trade agreements had been inked or ratified.   By using lib-think, the media has managed to tie "job losses" to "free trade" in the minds of a somewhat inattentive American public .   Job losses come from two sources:    labour unions collectively bargaining themselves out of the labour market, and business manuevers designed to avoid over-taxation and to defend the company's bottom line.

     The first duty of any business is to its ownership, whether that be a body of stockholders, a family, an oligarchy, a single person, other companies, a reverse, retransgendered, Lesbian Eskimoe space alien, or any combination of such entities.    Employees are not "entitled'' to a position.    Companies are not "entitled" to a profit.    Nobody ain't entitled to nuthin' nohow.

       Sometimes, even when everything is done correctly and there is no avarice, sloth, fraud, or malfeasance, an earthquake comes along, or some cow kicks over a lantern, and there goes the whole thing.    Sometimes, people are so dumboe that they might even like the sound of a term like "Hope and Change" and vote for the Great Wizard who comes out from behind the Magic
Cloud and says he will take everyone to the promised land of free medical services and free access to the money and property of an undefined group referred to as the "Rich".   And horrors or horrors!    The people actually are stupid enough to vote for such a person.

        It's like voting for Dolly Parton and getting Janet Reno.   Its like going to the beach and all the girls look like Helen Thomas.   It's like going on a bird watching expedition to a place where the guide says there are a lot of birds, and you drive up to an place with 30,000,000 hens in a egg factory....rowed out in twenty long coops that look like Army Barracks.

But, going back to drawing a connection between "free trade" and "outsourcing jobs", the "twin plant" concept was drawn in between the United States and Mexico the year was 1968.  It was long before any "free trade" agressments between Mexico, Canada, and the United States.    Right now, with a combined population of 450,000,000  the North American Free Trade Zone has a combined GNP of almost 20,000,000,000,000 dollars (2o trillion) . 
     The Great Numero Uno Saviour of the World, Red China can barely eke out 5,000,000,000,000 dollars (5 trillion) dollars, with a population of 1,300,000,000  (1.3 billion) people.   That is three times the population, producing one-fourth the goods and services......OR, IN OTHER WORDS, AN ECONOMIC DENOMINATOR WHICH PLACES RED CHINA AT A  1/12TH LEVEL OF WEALTH PER CAPITA as North America.     That assumes that the data published by the Red Chinese is accurate.   It almost never is.   It also fails to take into consideration that what they build and show off as examples of the Great Improvement over the "consumer economies" of the degenerate Occidentals.    Those things that they show off to the world to-day have a bad habit of falling apart to-morrow.
      And that is with the Dumboes like us buying the crud the Red Chinese ship over here hand over fist.

B U Y E R' s    A L E R T !!!

   El Gringo Viejo has found a fairly good supply of incandescent light bulbs.   They are Sylvania, and generally can be found at HEB and other normal places.   Sometimes a person will have to look through the displays for just a bit.  These bulbs and made in Thailand, Mexico, and some place called AMERICA.  !!   They work wonderfully.   Of particular importance is that we have one of those bathrooms with a vanity light over the mirror that takes four bulbs.   The Old Gringo found some 40 watt Sylvanias to replace the two pig-tail 100 watt "euivalent" (Ha!...Hahahaha!).   And now we can see in the bathroom.    That is pretty frightening in and of itself.   Anyway...Sylvania has non-Red Chinese least for a bit longer. 

Hard and fast facts are inescapable:
     The more impediment there is to the accumulation of wealth or comfort of hearth, the more the citizenry will practice sloth and evasion.
Rules of Life as put down by the Great Guru Gringo Viejo.