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Update for Michelle the Model and Fashion Advisor Bulletin
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5 Style Tips From Michelle Obama That Will Make You Feel & Look Good

Posted by Lindsay Mannering
on October 19, 2011 at 3:20 PM

michelle obamaThe Stir's Tracy Odell spent an afternoon at the White House with Michelle Obama and discussed everything from raising tween girls to staying balanced to changing the world. They also talked about beauty and style and how the First Lady, as a busy mom, finds time to always look her best.
Mrs. Obama is a real style icon, but the very real and practical strategies she uses to look good as First Lady are the same tips all moms can use. She has the same insecurities and concerns about how she looks as we do, but if we follow her five solid tips for looking good and feeling good, we too can shine in our own skin.
Here's her advice:
  1. Mix it up. Michelle says she likes to support all kinds of designers -- we've seen her wear dresses from Target one day, then a designer frock the next. We like the variety!
  2. Wear what you love. This is an easy one!
  3. Be practical about what you wear. Mrs. O says she checks the weather and her schedule before deciding on an outfit. If she's playing in the grass with kids, she's probably not going to choose a skirt or a revealing top.
  4. The perfect shirt is critical. Make sure you can move and feel good in one investment blouse.
  5. Don’t obsess about your clothes, be practical about them, and make the people around you your focus. This was what Michelle harped on the most. Seems like being comfortable is the most important part about being stylish. A great outfit allows us to be ourselves and to focus on the important things; a terrible one makes us worry if our stomach rolls are showing, or if a nip might slip, or if our butt looks OK.
The First Lady is a busy mom with an overflowing plate, so it makes sense that her fashion choices have more to do with feeling good than necessarily looking good. Her advice is sensible and more or less easy to follow -- sounds like we should keep things simple and not stress too much.
What's your motto when choosing an outfit in the morning?

Official White House photo courtesy of Chuck Kennedy

It was of interest to the Old Gringo that, although the women's magazine is obviously a far-left, kool-aid dispenser, the "likes"  and "comments"  ratio were running about 9 to 1 against this marvelous woman who is so proud of America.  UPDATE:  The pro-Michelle forces fought back and posted 5 "likes" and the racist, hate-mongers posted over 300 comments, scorning and ridiculing both the article and the wife of the present occupant of the White House.  It seems unfair that she should be judged so harshly, especially after all she has done for the minority children and the Transgendered Eskimo Save the Seals Stimulus Program.   We understand that she and Claracau Jackson Lee are going to establish a "Recover the American Flag from Mars to Forestall Imperialist Slaveholder White Stingy Millionaires and Billionaires from Colonizing Outer Space Program" .
 Sheila (Claracau to her friends) Jackson Lee
 Explainingto a Rapt Congress about how many
 tires her new electric television has.

C - 5 Galaxy attempting shake Joe Biden out of
the rear loading door over shark infested waters near
 Haiti.    White House sources denied that the 
Vice-President's trip was "political" in any way.

Joe, don't take it so hard.   Al Gore
was the smartest Vice-President and , and he is
even stupider than you.   And yes, rape and murder
stats are down, lamentably perhaps, because we have
more and more rapists and murderers in Prison.   And
because our population is increasingly choosing to be
 self-armed and self-protected.    Not because of temporary
 Police and Fire Labour Union funding programs like
 you propose.  But Joe, don't dispair.   With them in
 prison, ACORNand the Muslim Brotherhood Prison
 Ministry will have an easier time registering them to vote.

El Gringo Viejo leaves your esteemed company, shaking his head in wonder.     If Laura Bush, or Dick Cheney or George Bush or Sarah Palin or Herman Cain or anyone on that side of the solar system were ever to say...and emphatically say....the things these people say continuously, they would all be drug out and guillotined or dumped off on the nearest Obamacare  Medical Experimentation Center for the Mentally Retarded and/or Deranged.  Read what comfortable words our beloved First Lady says, when inspired,
      "They're born into a different way of thinking that I think is good. They're more open. They're more curious. The world is different. And each generation, just by the sheer fact that they come on this Earth, is creating change."
   Wow, those are some powerful words. Who's ready to change the world with me?    Are we leaving out "Hope" altogether now?     No, Madame First Lady, the children are not "born into a different way of thinking"....Children now are born into an onslaught of marxist elitist control-freak maniacs, who want to undermine responsible parenting at every turn.    At each stop along the child's route to adulthood, public institutions now flood the child's mind with lies about climate, economics, civil rights, the American condition of exceptionalism, about dependency as opposed to self-sufficiency, distorted (if any) history, and an all-out assault against Jews and the Christian Religion.    And, Madame First Lady, you really are no different from a Pantheon of Madmen especially from the early 1700's to the present who demand that we abide by their notion of how to contstruct the perfect society or be imprisoned or put to death.
     There is only one country that essentially tried to establish an environment where the government would say..."You take care of yourself, and we'll stay out of your way"....with each deviation from that general intent our nation has become more socialist and perverse and broke and aimless and dependent upon those willing to enslave the masses into the ant hill of "order" and "security" instead of the gleaming city on the hill, known as liberty.

A bit of academic stuff about Mexico in the next post.   Mainly historical...very interesting...with pertinence to to-day's and to-morrow's world.
El Gringo Viejo.