Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Study in Contrasts

The Old Gringo recommends this original "Get Well Soon, America" card for mailing this Kwanzaa to any number of right-brain thinkers, children, elitist socialists, etc.

Herman Cain's idea about how to tack a wagon

Barry O'bamaham's idea of how to tack a wagon!
After all, that mule should pull his fair share.  

     My trip to the grocery store always fuels my inner sense of dispair.    Where the Old Gringo picks up a very few necessities for our larder, to-day, it was 17 vacuum cleaner, two-legged digestive-tract, pamper-throwing, grocery-cart-abandoning slob troglodytes,  and 2 human beings paying their own way.    Michelle O'bamaham must certainly be proud of America by now.