Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Yes the Old Gringo knows.....

      The Old Gringo knows that it is mean to suggest that there are no people who look forward to...depend upon...and generally base their lives around their free money from Social Security.    When in Texas, we live next to a ....uh...woman, who is....uh....considerably disturbed, self-concerned, narcissistic, and self-consumed.    She is not as old as we, and well below the age of 62, much less 65.
      She receives free Ponzi money because she 'needs'  it.   She also has a "disability" and because of that she also receives SSI, which is classical Sanskrit for Ponzi - 93 Octane.
       During those days about a month ago while "the Republicans are closing down the Government so that nobody can have their 'help'....no Social Security, no SSI, no Lone Star, no Medicare, no rent subsidy, no help for the ones who need it most"....this woman came by at least twice per day.   She began the encounter always by asking "Do you think there's any chance we can still get our checks and our help?   Why are they doing this?   Don't they know we need our help?"
      The banks here in this once prosperous and noble area, had to detail extra persons to answer telephone inquiries from people who needed their help, calling in repeatedly every 15 minutes....every 5 minutes....every hour....10 times per day....to find out if their "help" had arrived to their bank accounts.   Some banks just stopped trying to accommodate the calls and let their incoming calls back up to be handled in routine order.
      Can anyone imagine that we voted ourselves into a program whereby a majority of the people in Hidalgo County of Texas....and in many, many, many areas of the United States....where there are that many miserable timid little people who have placed themselves into the position of fearing and grovelling to the government to such a degree?
     So yes, we are aware that there are people who are now addicted to being dependent upon their addictions to dependency.

As Always, your kind investment of time and attention with us is appreciated!
May the Great Yahweh bless all OROGs.
El Gringo Viejo