Wednesday, 28 September 2011

One Last Interview

The last interview the Old Gringo did with the former first lady, Sir Edmund Hillary Rodham was back in 2010, shortly after she had completed the Swim Around the World Without Stopping for Free Abortions Charity.
     "Please forgive me, you have so many titles and hardly knows how to address you..."
      "Oh! hee-hee-hee...that's neither here not there.   *I have always thought that I should be called something that I would approve of if I were the one that I was being what I am.  I always thought that way....don't you think I was right about thinking the way I think?"
      "Yes, certainly.   Then is it alright if we simply refer to you as Mrs. Clinton?"
      " I always like the sound of that in a negative, reverse-logic sort of way sometimes, but I think I would like it better if I were to be addressed simply as Your Serene Highness, Queen of the Universe and Duchess of Chapaqua, Countess of Fort Marcy Park, and Earlene of Mount Carmel."
      "That could be a tad long for the 200 hour autobiographical story that you ordered to air on PBS, Mrs. Queen of the Universe, so perhaps we can add in some scene separators with your titles written in calligraphic form.     Tell us, is it true that the people of Kosovo awarded you the Silver Clothes Hanger Medal of the Order of the Knights of the Holy Corkscrew?'
       "Yes, and I and Ron ....what was that cute, little coloured boy's name...Ron...?"
      "Brown?   The Secretary of the Treasury and previous head of the Democrat Party?"
      "Yes!   Ron Brown....such a nice was just so sad that he had to be on that plane that crashed into the mountain during that heavy rain...."
       "We're getting a little far afield fairly quickly, Madame Your Highness Queen Duchess, but Ron Brown's plane crashed on a clear morning...the air traffic controller who was there that morning  and who told the international press that the weather and conditions were ideal for flying commited suicide three days after the plane crash.   You might recall it was the official government flight, a USAF Special Services flight ....there were   42 people killed on the business investment trip being sponsored by the Department of Commerce.    Some people thought that was kind of strange since Ron Brown had been reported to be turning state's witness against you and King Billy Jeff I in various proceedings underway in the Department of Justice.   You....I mean...Your Serene Highness is not concerned about those observations?''
      "Oh! Hee-hee-hee, I never pay any attention to any of those silly rumours about me, even if they are true.   I always worry about the big picture, like what I want, and when it is that I want whatever it is that I want.   For instance,   I always want a good supply of easy to handle, heavy ash-trays and lamps close at hand.    Besides, try as I might, I simply cannot remember anyone by the name of Ron Brown.   I normally do not associate a whole lot with the coloured, as you know, considering my position and such.
      "But...perhaps you forget, Your Supreme and Perpetual Highness....the blackface routine you pulled off in that Negro Church somewhere during your campaign for President of what was then the United States of remember, perhaps, saying something like, "Ah don't feel  no ways tired..(tie-yerd)" as you attempted to show that you became an expert on American Negro litarary issues while practicing your New York Yankee cheerleading routines?  

How soon we forget the maniacal duplicitousness of progressives and marxists.   It never abates, never wavers.   Its desire is to eat Heaven and Earth and to destroy Nature and all mankind with it.

As always, thanks for your investment of time and attention.
El Gringo Viejo