Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Lighthouse - Perhaps a Matrix of Lighthouses

PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS SITE, 'THE ANGLICAN CURMUDGEON' .   It might possibly be of interest to many of you.


      We almost never lead a new entry with a linkage to another site or blog.   You all are accustomed to our frequent inclusion of linkages and pictures in the body of our articles, but this one is so different.   It is different for a good reason.
     Religion never seems to go away.    As you all know, the Old Gringo is an old-time Episcopalian.   You have read about my explanations of "separation of  Church and State".    The term  as applied now has little to do with what the phrase meant when first used in the earliest 1800s in the private letters exchanged between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.    You have also seen my comments about how the new American Republic had to resolve a relationship with a Church headed by the King of England especially when a greeat number of its adherents had just finished a revolution against the  King George III, Defender of the Faith and the Chief Bossman of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
     The above linkage will serve as sort of a dry saloon where the drinking light is always lit and where the bartender is astute, accurate, grammatically meticulous, and where the converstaion  is slow, heavy, laden with ensight, careful thought, good-will, humour, historical richness, appropriate sarcarsm, some deference, and an amazing gaggle of happy, grumpy curmudgeons.   It is a Lighthouse of Safe Harbour for Un-repentant 1928 Episcopalians, Church of Englanders, Anglicans, and all Orthodox.   It is also a sanctuary city for most orthodax and conservative Jews and/or any Jew who ever owned one of those busy delicatessens. 

Psalm 122:6a Hebrew
                                                    "SHA-ALU SHALOM YIRUSHALAYIM

And let us also pray for the whole state of Christ's Church.    The Old Gringo vigourously urges that all OROGs include the linkage at the top of this blog entry in your ponderings and daily life journeys.

Thanks, as always, for your kind attention.
El Gringo Viejo