Monday, 26 September 2011

Governor, here's what you should have said....

Like the plurality of Republicans in Florida, my vote would have gone to Mr. Cain.    Romney tells me that there is global warming and that he "gave"  Massachussetonians free health "care".
       So, our Lord Governor reminds Romney that Romney called the United States Social Ponzi Scheme a Ponzi scheme even before our Lord Governor had called the Ponzi Scheme a Ponzi Scheme.   That is not the point.    It was such a waste of time.   The Geezers in Florida know it is a Ponzi scheme....that is settled fact....people living in The Villages really do not worry about Social Security.     Almost all of them either invest their Ponzi Scheme proceeds into something lucrative and then pay capital gains on the profits or they give the money to favourite charities and projects.
      So, Lord Governor Goodhair, you would have served yourself better to have said...."In Texas, we call this kind of a financial arrangement "fraud" and "conspiracy to defraud".....because it is a Ponzi Scheme.   Our school employees and State employees do not participate in the federal program because it is inferior and fraudulent.   The State of Texas employees and School District people own their retirement accounts...they can be willed to heirs and assigns....the accounts are the property and asset of that particular employee.     The accounts grow by wise and conservative management by a board of governors.    We also have private insurance accounts that are like a magic carpet once a medical problem arises.
       "What also needs to be pointed out is that I did not create the prosperity we have in Texas.   Texas benefits from a cumbersome, convoluted, inverted, and outdated Constitution which disperses authourity and power throughout a labyrinth of officials who have less power than some other person down the line no matter how high or low those officials might be on the food chain.
       "The Governor is the weakest of all the Statewide election officials.    He cannot even propose a budget until the State Comptroller of Public Accounts assures that this or that amount of money will be coming into the State Treasury over the next biennium.
        "The State Treasurer has to certify those wasn't that long ago that our Treasurer's name was Jesse James....(but a different Jesse James)....and then he has to propose a budget over which he has no control until it is finished being acted upon by the honourable Legislature.    Odd as it might seem to most Yankees the Governor of Texas has less power and/or authourity over governing the budget process than the Speaker of the House of Representatives or the  Lieutenant Governor, who of course is the President of the Senate....and some say of Texas itself.     All OF THESE OFFICIALS ARE REQUIRED TO FORMULATE A BUDGET FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS THAT IS IN BALANCE....BY THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF TEXAS OF 1876 AS AMENDED.     THERE IS NO SUCH THING IN TEXAS AS A BUDGET SHORTFALL.   There might be an overload of lard in the pre-budget wish list, but only reporters and liberals and other hopelessly ignorant people use the term "Budget Shortfall" when referencing the Texas State Budget.    The last check shows that Texas still has 21,000,000,000 dollars in what is called a "Rainy Day Fund".   
          Since Governor Miriam Amanda "Ma" (Wallace) Ferguson had released large numbers of  convicts....mostly prohibition violator "wets"....but also a significant number of bandits and violent criminals....from Texas prisons during her first term in office, the Pardons and Parole Commission was stripped away from the Governor's office and authourity.  She was elected governor of Texas even though her husband "Pa" Ferguson, had been impeached and convicted from the office during the WWI period.   The Governor's powers were reduced to being able to stay the execution of a condemned person one time for a maximum of 30 days.  So much for the press making fun of George Bush for not commuting Carla Faye Tucker's death sentence.    The Governor cannot overturn a officially upheld decision that has been voted on twice after considerable deliberation and automatically appealled by law to the highest criminal court in the State.

The above was all stuff you could have used....boiled down to brief, Will Rogers style vignettes, or whatever....but, you're done at this point.    You are too young for a senior moment, you might have one of those blood vessel congestions in your brain, or you might have been having a TIA stroke-like attack.   If so we are truly sorry....but your show was done....overcooked.   Stick a fork in it.   And imagine, even with that, Romney finished below you.