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Things That Prove the Point

Sometimes the Old Gringo says and puts down things here in the screed that really seem outlandish.   He is not referring to the obvious...."Uncle Elmer and Aunt Bea" stories that are patently and obviously sarcastic take-downs on the quintuple-standard practiced by the oh-so-fair-and professional batch at MCCLATCHYNYTIMESLATIMESNBCCBSWDCPOSTABCREUTERSASSOCIATEDPRESSCNN CARTEL.   But at other times there are other basic issues that put the Old Gringo in conflict with what he lumps into the category of "Well. duh....everybody knows that".
     Some of the great things that "everybody knows...." include "Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation".    This is an issue that should be easy to resolve.   Read the Emancipation Proclamation....the very name of document tells all.    What gains a man if one man is given his liberty so that the government that grants that liberty....even by that deed....assumes the power to plunge all men into slavery?    Further, the document "frees" only slaves under the control of the several States in rebellion, not in the States subdued or other freed the Slaves in States where the Union had no control.
     The 'emancipators' won that issue over those who saw manumission as the correct route of improving the lot of the Negro....and we have paid a heavy price ever politicians have run to and fro on the backs of Negroes and over the necks of the White man....depending upon the hour, issue, and location of sundry issues.    There has been  little or no progress...especially since the effort to "Declare War on Poverty"....
      We remember the admonition of the The Nazarene, "Trouble ye not the poor, for they shall always be with you".   Those who reveal a conceit so strong that they will to offend against natural law are fools and forever destined to bring violence and disorder upon their works and upon those who reside near them.
    The tract included below comes from an article sponsored by a pro-communist public radio station in Wisconsin, heralding another effort to establish "rational social order" .    It proclaims that the "National Socialist Movement" is going to protest the mob-violence that occurred recently in Allis, Wisconsin which saw 300 Negro young people mercilessly beat, brutalize, rob, and terrorize families leaving the Wisconsin State Fair ground after a pleasant day of Americana.
    The entire thing was and is a set-up.    It is all a plan.   It has been executed an almost infinite number of times.    Raise an issue, create tensions, try and set up a violent White response, and then call in the national and international press (on cue), show the world and America itself that America is a horrible place that holds people down and discriminates....and is,in fact, the only place on Planet Earth that does so...and call for legislation banning guns, hate-speech, using the word chocolate, prohibiting jaywalking on Thursdays in alleys, etc. etc.
     The pro-communist, anti-American forces line up the Black event along with the White response so their opinion...each side will come out to support their "team".    The Blacks are formed around "community organisers"...usually neighbourhood thugs and lower level drug dealers who have good connections with drug wholesalers and local users, normally people found in the ACORN army....and these people work in hand-in-hand concert with the "White Team" troublemakers...normally the Ku Klux Klan which is stronger in the North than the South at this time...has been since the 1930s...or any of a number of groups associated with this silly entity.    The "whites" are usually white-trash, meth-heads, paid a pittance to don Nazi uniforms or satin sheet movie Klan outfits...typical ACORN material...people who are also used as "deputy voter registrars".
      The National Socialist Movement is real in the fact that it is part of the present day consist of socialist enterprises, generally headed by the Ku Klux Klan.   Other groups loosely associated with this Communist Party USA hydra-headed mafia are the Muslim Brotherhood, the Aryan Nations, the Arian (sic) Brotherhood, the leadership of the Service Employees International Union, the American Civil Liberties Union, and a broad group of literally hundreds of tiny clubs, groupings, gaggles, cliques, committees of 3, labour unions, etc.   Lamentably, there are more pictures of Che Guevara in the highest offices of the United States Government now than there are of George Washington....placed there by members of these hundreds of committee, organizations, and movements.
      The National Socialist Movement as anything of substance, however, is not real.   It is the same people running to-day to that banner....and tomorrow over to the pro-Castro, American Pastors for Peace....and the day after tomorrow over to the Cesar Chavez Fair Treatment for Chicanos and Migrants Movement....and next week the same 120 people will be protesting the application for a building permit for a WalMart somewhere because of "workers' rights abuses and brutality against women".....It is all a Commie sham....designed purposefully to set Americans against each other so as to finally facilitate that Bastille Day moment when they can destroy the engine of honour, good, and prosperity from the face of the Earth.  
      The replacement for our America will be something similar to Mexico in the 1920s or Cuba in the 2011 period, or the Soviet Union in 1990..."They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work"....
       Follow the logic of these Communist groups operating freely in the United States.   There is strife in El Salvador.   It is the fault of American capitalist imperialism, whereby the American capitalist take products out of El Salvador and pay a pittance for such products and then elaborate those products into more valuable items from which they derive a fortune.   The American Alchemy of producing Gold for white people from the sweat of the darker skinned people....classic oppression.
      So, a "committee" is formed ....just like during the Spanish Civil this case the "Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador" designed to resist the "fascists" in charge of El Salvador who are like Batista, selling favours by bribes to the greedy  American degenerates.    They foment disorder, raise money, funnel guns. get a of people killed, blame the Americans and America for that and guess what....the people flee and go to Cuba?   to Russia?   to Red China?   somewhere?    No.   The people flee and go to the United States of America.   Part of this serves the communist cause....but much of it backfires...because the Salvadoreans see that America really is superior culturally, morally, and economically.
      Put in whatever group....Jews, Italians, Japanese, Irish, Mexicans, Eastern Europeans, Africans.....whatever group....and, if they are not given public assistance...that group in two generations is living two to ten generations over the level of their "ancestral" it England, Kenya, Mexico, Canada, or Spain.   That is why the left spends so much effort in the creation of racial and ethnic strife.    That is why Sharpton, Jackson, Wright, and Co. have to repeat, re-try, repeat, whine, demagogue, twenty-eight hours per day,  nine days per week, 400 days per years in all 57 States of the Union....Racism, racism,racist, racism, racism, racism, and best of all ...."God Damn America"...."For the first time in my adult life, I am finally proud of my country".....and Oprah says.."What I think she means by that is ......"
     It is all the flailings of a pitiable conspiracy, played by sophomoric elitists who dream of a railroad which they own and where they can control who boards which cars, where the rails are lain, when the trains leave, where they go....their own real live monopoly board where they can be the gods ruling over the little peoples' existence.
    One of the main "Heads of Hydra" is the group found at this link...   which should be enough to curl the hair of a bald man.     One of the least of them is the sham group which is a 1st cousin to the SEIU known as the National Socialist (Nazi) Front found at this linkage    .    Be aware that although the group seems to be "anti-communist" they are in fact closely co-ordinated by the general pro-communist movement and used to provoke violence when the "regular white people" failed to respond to deliberate, anti-white racial provocations.    The radio station disseminating the information...."as a community service", of course, a University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee Public Radio outlet which uses significant public funding to "fairly and impartially" enhance a predictable leftist agenda.   They can be found here .    
      These are troubled times.    We must adhere to our catechism, the beatitudes, and our pledges at baptism.  

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National Socialist Movement will rally in West Allis on Saturday Photo Credit:
National Socialist Movement will rally in West Allis on Saturday Photo Credit:

White Supremacy Group to Hold Rally in West Allis
By LaToya Dennis
September 2, 2011 | WUWM | Milwaukee, WI
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Members of a white supremacy group plan to rally in West Allis this weekend. The National Socialist Movement says it wants to call attention to what it deems growing violence by black youth against white people. As WUWM’s LaToya Dennis reports, the plans have created a stir.

Organizers are calling Saturday’s scheduled gathering at West Allis City Hall, “In Defense of White America.” The person coordinating the event is Harriet Paletti – a resident of New Berlin and member of the National Socialist Movement. She says the rally is in response to what she views as racially-motivated attacks in the Milwaukee area.
“Honestly, it is about the black-on-white crime. If it was the other way around, there would be plenty of outrage from the black community, while the white community tends not to have any organization standing up for them,” Paletti says.
Paletti says she decided it was time to act after a mob of black youth beat white people leaving the Wisconsin State Fair on opening day. A few weeks earlier, black teens roughed up people in a park following 4th of July celebrations, and another group ransacked part of Mayfair Mall earlier this year.
“Obviously we don’t want our city to be destroyed or mass amounts of deaths. While that may seem a little extreme, they claim that the flash mobs are the start of that. I think that if we don’t take a proactive stance on addressing the racial violence on both sides, you know it’s never going to stop,” Paletti says.
Not everyone believes Saturday’s rally is about stopping the violence. TJ Leyden is a former white supremacist who recently wrote a book about his experiences.
“They always go wherever they can get the most publicity. Wherever there’s an incident where there’s possible racial tension or anything of that nature, they’re going to try to exploit it,” Leyden says.
Leyden says the rally is really about recruiting new members, so he urges protestors to stay away.
“You’re going to have people yelling racial slurs at the racists. You’re going to have people screaming and hollering and calling them stupid and idiot. And all the name calling is just going to help them recruit the young kids who are with them. They’re going to say look, those are the same people who won’t let you be proud of being white,” Leyden says.
Leyden says at these sort of events, it’s typically the counter-protestors who end up getting arrested, not members of the supremacy groups. Charles Padgett is a deputy chief with the West Allis Police Department. He says officers from around the area will work to keep things civil.
“We work with various surrounding agencies here, county and state, and also contacted departments in different cities throughout the country that we were aware had similar types of events or rallies, if you will, occur in their jurisdictions. And we’re taking information from them on how they prepared, and we’re implementing that into our plan to prepare to maintain control and security and the safety of everyone in the city,” Padgett says.
Organizers of the rally say so far, around 50 people have committed to attending. They may find themselves greatly outnumbered by counter-demonstrators.
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