Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Began a Rant...but shortened it by 96%

Dear Republican Candidates at all levels,

    Hi!   How are you?    Now, when you are asked by an imbecile from any news service, local, State, or national, public or private this question, "What are you going to do to create Jobs?", please have the testosterone and moral fibre to respond thusly:
     "I cannot create jobs.   Only American industry, commerce, and entrepreneurship can create jobs.   Further, we need something more than 'jobs'.   America needs trades, callings, missions, professions, and the higher forms of providing wealth and prosperity only available through a pleasant disorder, founded upon commerce, demand, and private property free from design by an un-productive, parasitical group of vultures who seek to control the placement of a taxi meter in Minneapolis from an office in Washington, D.C.    Only Americans proceeding under the rules of the Beatitudes, the Golden Rule, and the Ten Commandments, seeking satisfaction of their legitimate self-interests, can provide true employment."

ALSO -  AMERICAN PRESS CORPS    (corpse to O'bama, the first Irish President of all 57 States)
     Governor Perry is not a "Tea Party Candidate" .   Governor Perry won renomination by Republicans in Texas to another term by defeating a liberal, country-club, "reasonable" incumbent United States Senator, and a "Tea Party" somewhat Republican lady who was fire-bombed by Glen Beck on a set up deal during a supposedly fair interview opportunity on his national morning radio program.   The Old Gringo would have voted for any of them over the Democrat who styled himself as a "true Texas conservative", but who invited the hoards of Katrina slugs into Houston in the aftermath of their own self-created disaster.
      Perry is not the Old Gringo's favourite for all times and all purposes.    If one listens to him carefully, he rarely if ever says anything more solid than cigarette smoke.    One must also remember that....far from being a Tea-Party man....he had to face vicious right-wing, know-nothings and super-patriots in the electorate in Texas who hated him and still hate him.   This distaste for Mr. Tex Goodhair was based on their ire against his approval and backing of the NAFTA SuperHighway.    This was to be a transportation corridor linking Texas to Mexico and Canada, through middle America.    It was (is) proposed to be an Interstate Express Highway with four-line passenger and cargo rail between Laredo and Saint Louis and Chicago.   Supposedly, Juan Carlos Bourbon was going to hold the keys to the front and back door on behalf of the Illuminati.   The title to the project would be buried in the crypt of King Ferdinand with a certified copy being sent to the Secret Illuminati Office, General Delivery, London.
       Kay Bailey Hutchinson, the liberal, country-club Republican was a true lady.   The Old Gringo voted for her at various times in her political career,  quite willingly, in spite of her Old Dallas Blue-snoot Republican leanings and origins.   You jist cain't fault a girl fir bein' whut she iz.    But she is a good girl.   The only place she'd be called a liberal is inside of a Texas Republican Primary Saloon.    Nancy Pelosi saw her as Annie Oakley and  Dale Evans....Barbara Stanwick in the Big Valley...But, of course, Nancy Pelosi thinks of Dallas and sees re-runs of Little House on the Fly-Over Country.
Debra Medina was the candidate of the nutty Tea-Party people.   She lit fire and rose sharply in the polls after a couple of good showings on the debate circuit and other public appearances.    She is just a nobody like the rest of us who has a profession, a business, and a family and a primitive understanding of insignifacant matters like THE CONSTITUTION and COMMON LAW and PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS and 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS.   She received more votes per dollar spent than any Statewide candidate, even Kinky Friedman, and was a real phenomenae.   She remains very popular and active in Tea Party activity.   The Old
Gringo still resents weepy Glen Beck's set-up of a girl who had something worthwhile to say and deserved better treatment from a person who decided to be a bully on that day of her interview.
Had any of the three won the Republican Primary, the Old Gringo would have voted for that winner....and he did.   He voted in the Primary for one of the three, finding them all slightly flawed but otherwise acceptable.    The idea of any Democrat mayor of Houstorleans calling himself a "conservative" or independent of O'bama....made the Old Gringo have to order up a extra drum of Pepto Bismol and a gross of Hefty's Super-size vomit bags.
BUT....Perry is not  a Tea Party Candidate.   Neither is he a pro-Mexico candidate.   Just because he more-or-less opposed a wall being built along the Rio Grande does not make him especially friendly to Mexico.   Neither is he an enemy of Mexico, in spite of what the Mexican left says.  Texas has a special relationship with Mexico that is very, very similar to trying to herd cats, when the catboys are composed of people who hate cats, who love cats, who are cats, who have families married to cats, who have been involved with cats for many generations, and people who don't really give a rat's tail one way or the other about cats.   Mexico, with 102,000,000 people and Texas with 30,000,000 have equal GNPs.    Texas bases a lot of its prosperity on the fact that much of its population is derived from some form of Mexican or Spanish ancestry and from commercial and industrial interaction with Mexico.   Mexico derives much of its prosperity from the large amount of interaction with Texans who trade, invest, buy, sell, and live in Mexico.    Intermarriage, especially at the middle, upper-middle, and upper class/income groups, is simply rampant.    We are steadily...perhaps rapidly....developing an Alsatian-type ethnicity.   Perhaps, we already have such.
      The Old Gringo, in reality, is opposed to the building of that hideous wall.   Part of it goes, literally, over the front yards of my children's grandmother's and grandfathers homegrounds....within less than a stone's throw from their ancient community cemeteries.
      The Old Gringo would remount the National Guard, retrain them in cavalry and mounted infantry strategies and tactics, back them up with everything from heliographs and heliocopters, co-ordinated directly and openly with the Mexican Army and Naval Infantry and advise the human slavery and drug traffickers that, if they survice contact with the Texas Military, they will be waterboarded for free.
       The Old Gringo's father rode in the cavalry along these stretches    He even did a brief stint up at Fort Leaton and Lajitas, on a rail and ride exercise.    Most of his time was between  San Ygnacio and Brownsville.   All of his service with the 1st Cavalry Division, 12th Regiment, Headquarters Squadron was on the Rio Grande.   They stopped a lot of counterfeit money, including silver, good and bad liquor, and infiltrators...unually European anarchists and Bolshevik agents that had set up operation in Mexico and who were being rousted out by the Mexican government (finally) after a 15 year flirtation with the satanic World Revolution of the Proletariat.  (Mexico will never recover from the political venereal diseases brought in by Trotsky and spread by the likes of Freida and Diego.   At least Diego confessed he was wrong on his deathbed.)
     Now, let it be quickly observed that most of the opposition that is known to the "Border Wall" is from pro-communist, anti-Americans, idiots who compare the wall to the Berlin Wall...get it...a wall to keep people in is exactly like a wall to keep people out....Right Brain Thinking Warning.    Their mission to flood the United States with as many unqualified and dependent parasites as possible is not to be impeded!   Migration is not illegal!!!!   etc. etc. etc.
     These people are looney, communist, America haters, or mentally disabled Bambi movie watchers.   Hopeless, right brain thinking glubniks .  Their only defence of their position is to shriek "RACIST" at those who oppose unrestricted entry of unqualified entrants  into the United States.    The pinko, anti-American MSM will not report, of course, that Latins who are native to or otherwise legally residing in the United States also favour rigid control of the border and interdiction of the unqualified.  fence.   But something stronger.   Because Good Fences make good neighbours.

More later.
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