Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ghost of Mickey Mouse Appears on Father O'bamaham's Holy Cassock!!

Sorry...just could not resist.  
Millions roared  approval during the recent Nuremberg Rally
when His Gloriousness and Most Highly Worshipped for Eternity
Grand Wizard of the Blizzard,  channeled the presence of his Spiritual
Counselor through the Holy Grailoprompters, and onto his Holy
Vestments.    The Great Leader was reacting with glee to the news that Longshoremen Labour Union Goons were taking hostages by means of deprivation of liberty (aka: kidnapping) of various labouring people who were judged by the thugs and goons to be guilty of working and otherwise conforming and complying with their professional Oregon, no less!
     The Reverend Mr. O'bamaham also proposed this solution to the unemployment caused by the evil ones, " What we need to do is fire everyone who has a job and give the jobs that are vacated to the people who are presently unemployed.  Then the ones who were fired can go on permanent unemployment compensation and then we can tax the ones who took the jobs from the ones who had been fired so that the people who did not have any jobs could be hired."

More later.   I have to deal with that old tingle in the leg.
El Gringo Viejo