Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Reality Check

True Lies:

     (1)      We have to raise the debt limit in order to show how fiscally responsible we are.   This will allow us to spend money we do not have.  (?)
     (2)     If we raise the debt limit that will preserve our credit rating.   The rating agencies will see that we can practice prudent self-restraint.   (?)
     (3)     If we raise the debt limit, that will put an end to the deficit spending that causes the debt.  Just because the Congress is an indisciplinate Parliament of Whores does not mean that they would be so stupid so as to immediately begin spending money they do not have.   No one in his right mind would spend money he does not have.....right.   (?)
     (4)     It is a good thing that we raised the debt limit, because otherwise we Geezers would not have had any use for their sozialversicherungsnummer.  The German National Socialist Workers' Party  really did good...inspiring the New Dealer Democrats to imitate their brethren in the establishment of this fine program.    This fine program practiced privately is a major felony.   Social Security under a better name would be called Bernie's Friendly Retirement Fund....111 Hudson, Suite 3446, Riker's Island Building, New York, New York, or email us at  WEripUmadeOFF@gotchadummy.com
     (5)     Unless Father O'bamaham had intervened the Republicans would have taken Kwanzaa away from the children and the retransgendered.                              
    (6)     And the Un-reverse-re-trans-bi-anti-inverted-convoluted-gendered.
    (7)     And the children who did not have a White Kwanzaa the first time it was taken away by George Bush.
    (8)    It is good to realize that now that this debt limit has been increased, there will be no need for TARP XXXVI for shovel ready projects.   One of the first proposals is to mow the grass at Arlington Cemetery for the first time since Father O'Bamaham was re-elected for the 29th time....wake up!  wake up!  It's the Year 2207 ......!!!    All the people buried there have been unionized.   We burned down Arlington, Monticello, and Mount Vernon because they were owned by white slave owners.   We gave women the right to vote again.  The National Cathedral has been ceded over to The Universalist Cosmic Study Group.
     (9)     Millionaires, billionaires, private jet people, Oil Companies will be made to pay their fair share, jailed, outlawed, prohibited, and neutered and spayed.   Only movie stars will get to have gasoline and private planes.   Gangster Rap people too, and the historically underutilized.....and other people who have never been proud of America until to-day.    And Nancy Pelosi
    (10)      If we don't pass this debt ceiling increase...the stock market will collapse.    (?)
    (11)       These are the times when a person is comforted knowing that we have a fine press corp, a  cadre of geniuses as economic guides, and a president who was raised by his communist grandparents, who has a wife who was never proud of America until somehow or another her husband, who has never had a job in the private sector, never owned or operated a business, never heard a negative word at a ''church'' that based its theology upon the hope for the destruction of America....a wife who Luuuhhvvvvves to TRAVEL..(me and mom....and my closest 422 friends....)  was nominated by the Democrats for the office of the Presidency.  ??
    (12)      Fundamental Transformation and Hope and Change have really been good for America.   (?)
The Old Gringo is going back into his cave.   My favourite place in the world might be San Marcos, Texas.....but these events foreshadow the brilliance of my decision to have prepared a place at his other favourite place....the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre.    I fear there are not enough Americans capable of critical thinking to make us a path out of this morass.
Thanks for your time and patience.
El Gringo Viejo....