Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Solution

      The Old Gringo almost weeps when John Stossel on FOX and Mr. Keenan on the Squawk Box, and Bill O'Reilly cannot stick to the free enterprize, non-government solutions that actually work.   Keenan say, "Everybody is for a safety net provided by progressive taxation..."   when he is folding a segment and entering into a commercial break.   O'Rielly says that Big Oil does not deserve to make this or that level of profits...and John Stossel agrees with O'Reilly that we need to make sure that the poor don't suffer.   GaG...!   Why cannot people with conservative inclinations just tell the government..."It's none of your business how much money I make."   "It's none of your business that I fly in a private jet or that I have a yacht." "The profits of the oil company or any company belong to the stockholders and other owners of the company.  What do you propose?  Giving the money to the government for their worthwhile projects?"   No, No, No to bondage.   Yes, Yes, Yes to self sufficiency.

       This is when I know that the war is nearly over.     Allow me to try one more time.   In America....because of our founding nature and guidance by a soul trained in a reasonable Hebrew, Protestant, Anglican, or Roman catechism, no one is going to be allowed to starve to death....or even to suffer hunger.   We are the people of the "barn raising".   When the rest of the world was thinking  "communism" we had already nearly perfected the sociology of communitarianism.
      Then, almost suddenly, we were told that what churches, synagogues, Rotarys, Masons/Shriners, Lions, Mooses, Kiwanises, Knights of Columbus, their women's adjuncts, and scores of thousands of other charitable organizations like the Salvation Army....thousands of small and large social service groups, were not enough.   America is a horrible place.   We did not have programs like the "advanced" countries in Europe that took care of people in a clinical and professional way with a government sponsored bureaucracy.
       We established welfare programs for the poor....and, like Europe, the more money that became available....geewhilikers....the more poor people we had.  I remember a "progressive" Republican college buddy telling me about how we GOPers had to "get out in front of the Democrats by proposing 'ElderCare'....a Republican program that would "give Geezers free medical care"....When I observed that there is no method by which "free medical care" can be given to anyone save by miracle, and that any program run by any government would immediately become a gold mine for agents of corruption, he scoffed and declared, "No one would ever steal a dime from a program meant to help the Geezers!"  This was in 1966.
        Then Planned Parenthood told me that children needed "neutral values" sex education.    When it was suggested that maybe sex should be a bit shrouded and scary, not clinical and veterinarian.....maybe emotions like love and values like responsibility were more important than knowing about the location of fallopian tubes....I was informed that my mentality had produced an illegitamacy rate of over 5% (the rate for Negroes at that time was 7%).....CHILDREN HAD THE RIGHT TO MANDATORY SEX EDUCATION...So There!!
      So, best estimates are that over 70,000,000,000 dollars were 'frauded out' of Medicare and Medicaid last year alone.    And, of course, Negro illegitimacy last year went down slightly to 76%.    Whites of all types are now around 19% in spite of PP's and Howlywould's best efforts to make the rate higher.
       Now the cant is "We have to address issues important to the Hispanic community....the African American community....".     We now frame issues of unwillingness to provide oneself with his own fodder....or to provide for one's own progeny's nutritional "Hispanic" or "African-American" issues.    First, create the problem.   Then blame the rich, the white, the self-reliant, and especially ridicule conservative "minority" people as not being "real Hispanics" or "true to his Black".    There is no hope.   We have whelped out the people who will burn down the bakery.

      The the businesses and industries who line up like the capitalists of the Ruhr Valley in Germany during the 1930s to gain favour with the German National Socialist Workers' Party are the same as the welfare culture bums. They are part of the  crowd who want subsidies for ethanol powered solar panels that produce windmill generators!!!
       Ten million small businesses, like barber and beauty shoppes, bars and restaurants, franchises, cleaning services, laundromats, Amway people, dance and music academies, fishing and hunting guides, etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.,were set up without the kind and soft guiding hand of Father Abraham...Father Woodrow....Father Franklin.....Father Harry.....Father Lyndon....Father Jimmy....Father Billy..and now Father O'bama, the first Irish President of all 57 States.   Republican presidents usually served just as Brothers....except for Ronald, who was a President.

The real reason for the Democrats settling on the Debt Extension and getting out of town is seen below.
Obama Approval Index August 3, 2011
The green line is 'approve or strongly approve'.
The red line is 'disapprove or strongly disapprove.

Just a few thoughts.   More Later.    Thanks for your time as usual.    Non-political observations coming up during the early evening.
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