Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Dread the Mention, but...

     One dreads the mention, but days go by and the haunting melody of Allan Sherman's song, "Hello, muddah  -  Hello, faddah" when he makes it to the point where the complaining child observes, "Wait a second.....It's stopped raining" keeps circulating in my head.
      During all of the disorders, one might remember, that the Old Gringo went back and forth through...., stayed surrounded by...., saw reporting of....., saw true and glaring inaccuracies and lies by the press both national and foreign of....the unpleasantness brought on by the trade in vice and avarice.
      In truth, much of the violence reported has occurred, but also in truth, 99.99% of those affected have or had volunteered to be affected.    Much of the reporting has been either purposefully misleading or purposefully incomplete or wrong.
     In truth, the Old Gringo knows someone who knows someone who has been personally affected by all of this mess.   Everyone in Mexico has.   More Americans than we might imagine have.
      In truth, if we replace the Mexicanized term of Cartel with the Americanized words for such concepts, such as street gangs, criminal sindicates, organized criminal conspiracies, organized crime, the national organization of CRIPs, BLOODs, Aryan Nation, Mexican Mafia, MS13m, Hillbilly Mafia, the Cosa Nostra, Chicano Brotherhood, Nation of Islam-Muslim Brotherhood, and the 400 or 500 bands and gangs...White trash like Hell's Angels, the Breed, the Ku Klux Klan, little Latin and Black strut-abouts with their pants pulled down below their gang-coloured underwear, all of which infest our communities large and small....thanks to Godless schooling, public assistance, and AFDC......then perhaps we can understand the Old Gringo's point of view.

      AND, in truth, when the Old Gringo is at his little adobe hut off on the edge of the high, tropical Sierra Madres, it is 99.99999999% of the time dull and boring.   He has been slashed by the Bobcat, almost losing his left middle finger.   That was his fault for trying to intervene  in the affairs of a male Bobcat and his in-residence, alpha-male domestic cat.    Other injuries and inconvenience have mainly come due to his own clumsiness or attempts to do things that were a bit too precarious.   Stumped and broken toes, lost toenails, a cracked rib, etc.    All delights for a hypochondriac.

      The impressions left by the press about the violence in Mexico without comparing said violence on a per capita basis with the violence in the United States is a disservice to the American public.   It is really not the fault of the American public for being unaware of the facts of the issue.   They believe in the press's words even though they know....like in the issue of the "Balanced Budget...Debt Ceiling Increase Issue" that the press is lying, ignorant, arrogant, and/or stupid.

     My advice to people hoping to be my visitors is the same.   For those who write in or call or encounter me in my rare ventures outside the confines of my self-imposed cell, you know my advice and my notions about how to travel in Mexico during these days.
    You must also know that my wife and I are terribly concerned about the fact that our daughter is going up to a reunion of her High School Girlbuddies in a very large city somewhere outside of the Republic of Texas.   it is not New York City.    The place where they are getting together is very near an area where there have been numerous mob raves, and mob assaults of white people in very high end to extreme high end saloons, restaurants, and clubs.   It is in a Hotel District where the Negro taxi drivers have Masters Degrees.    Black workers and clients have been particularly badly beaten and treated by these mobs.   Our daughter and her buddies are all varying degrees of Anglo and Latin white people....all the organized people in this large district of a major American city have been targets of these disorganized, jungle-law black mobs.   The mobs "spontaneously" appear...by organizing through the "social media"   (re:  anti-social media), they range in number from 30 to 300 and they are composed of people aged 10 to 30, all of whom have criminal antecedents.
     Finally, I will have to confess and admit that FOX News did have an article on whatever follows FOX and Friends, fairly lengthy, yesterday morning,  pointing out that President Calderon's efforts  by employment of the Mexican military and certain federal and local police, have been very effective in this war against the agents of Death.   Our particular area is steadily calming....incidents are becoming rarer...not rare, but rarer.   The Central American connections are becoming more apparent and being dealt with.....and there is even more of the gangs and cartel people turning in on themselves.   Sometime cannibalism can be a pretty cool hand.
      THERE IS STILL A LONG WAY TO GO.   This is not the Fall of Berlin...this is more like three weeks after the Invasion of Normandy.   A lot can go wrong still, a lot of improvements in Mexico's justice system need to continue, pressure must be maintained on all elements of organized crime.   This requires force, resolve, and grim patience.