Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Still nothing, but at least there is something

With reference to some questions that might be remaining about the three or four busses that went missing and their subsequent rescue by the Armed Forces, the following can be said.
     My best recovery of information is that the incident did occur.   The people who were rescued were advised that it would be best that they not "go public" for a time.    The people also asked the authorities involved to do equally, so as not to engender some kind of  "humiliation revenge" on the part of any of the parties responsible for the provocation of the incident.
      One of my respondents believes it to be true that the provocateurs were, in fact, deserters from the Zeta group.   This was based on a few comments by some of the passengers who were interviewed in Tampico.   Perhaps the deserters had found Jesus or had some other awakening.

Therefore, until there is new or contradictory information, the Old Gringo will also let the matter rest, respecting the wishes of those involved more directly.