Wednesday, 27 July 2011

If the Old Gringo Won't Do It, Who Will?

This is not one of my reverse-logic melt-downs.   Nor is it one of my sardonic, sarcastic stabs at humour.   It is something that must be done on all screeds major and minor, in order to make certain this news is made commonly available. 
Wade Sanders

This man recently had his Silver Star removed from his person and record.   The silver star for gallantry and conduct above and beyond,etc. was taken due to the fact that it was awarded due to fallacious information, purposefully and willfully contructed by the person pictured above.     It is also true that information gathered for the awarding of the Silver Star was corroborated by other individuals who also were found to be giving deliberately false and misleading information concerning the events in question.
      The individual pictured above and his collaborators were found to be guilty of false swearing and perjurious testimony.   In short, the events described never occurred and were wholly invented.    The events were supposed to have taken place in the Republic of South Viet Nam during the American defence of that country.     The Silver Star was stripped from this individual sometime before other un-related proceedings were taking place.  
       The un-related proceedings were the investigation, findings, indictment, conviction, and sentencing to prison for approximately four years of the individual pictured above.   He was sent to prison for collecting, having in possession, marketting, and otherwise participating in the commercialization of the worst form of child pornography that can be imagined by a reasonable person.  Video material involving females from the ages of eight to thirteen who are being brutally subjected to forced situations is about as far as this writer cares to go.   The Federal Court documents are much more explicit and it is worse than it sounds here.

       This person needs to be known to all who cherish the Republic.


       This is the kind of person who can walk into a nationally televised, national political party convention of nomination, and make an introduction of the soon to be nominated candidate of that party.    He made the introduction by referring to the Swift Boat for Truth group as Nazi-like members of a smear machine who were besmirching the good reputation of the soon to be nominee of said political party for the Presidency of the United States of America.   Even as he spoke from the podium, he knew that he would have a new delivery for his "collection" upon returning home.
        We have no information concerning whether or not that nominee was one of the corroborative agents to the testimony leading to the awarding of a Silver Star which later had to be stripped from the receiver due to falsification under oath.   We pray not.    We pray not because that same nominee supposedly threw his own Silver Star over the fence surrounding the grounds of the White House in 1972 or thereabouts.

(This was found on another reliable blog that follows military and veterans' issues.)

John Kerry Ally Loses Silver Star

When John Kerry was being “swiftboated” (which is another way of putting, when the truth was being told about him) in 2004, Wade Sanders rose up to defend him. Will John Kerry, who by the way served in Vietnam, return the favor?
“Had the subsequently determined facts and evidence surrounding both the incident for which the award was made and the processing of the award itself been known to the Secretary of the Navy in 1992, those facts would have prevented the award of the Silver Star,” [Mabus spokeswoman Pamela] Kunze said.    ("Mabus" is the surname of the Secretary of the Navy at the time of this statement)
Sanders was Kerry’s superior officer in Vietnam. Sanders is currently in jail, on child pornography charges. Not sure how that relates to 1992, but the back story must be interesting.