Monday, 25 July 2011

Just a Bit of Focus

     The recent spate of advertisements by somebody who is very proud of the Red Chinese because they have better and faster passenger trains than the Japanese and French.....brought me a bit more headscratching recently.
Chinese Clone Apple Stores
Looks like home, but it's not!   Everyone here is humming
"Oh! How I love to carry dung to the dung heap for
Chairman Mao", while they browse in a ChApple.

Red Chinese shoppers have been dealt a neat deal.    They can look around in an Apple Store (and many other American  and European retail outlets) and buy the same defective junk they ship over here that doesn't work.   The advantage with this stay-at-home tour of American and foreign capitalist-pig consumerism is that all the money stays at home.   The stores are not what they seem.   THE ENTIRE STORE IS A KNOCK-OFF!!!
      Various American, European, Japanese, Korean, and other types of human-beings began to notice that not only did the faulty junk on the shelves have Mao's fingerprints, but that the "something's funny here" feeling kept being reinforced by the filthy restrooms with no plumbing, shabby construction, computers that were only shells, set out for display purposes only....(shades of Russian consumer initiatives from the 1950s).
     Turns out....sure 'nuff....THE WHOLE STORE IS A KNOCK-OFF, just like the stories of the Roaring Dragon and Red Chinese superiority in all matters of humanity.     Turns out that Sir Edmund Hillary Rodham Clinton (named after Sir Edmund Hillary after he scaled Mount Everest, three years after the birth of Sir Edmund Hillary Rodham, according to her), and her much vaunted announcement of agreements concerning copyrights and intellectual property and patent rules between the Americans and the Red Chinese, pertained to everyone but the Red Chinese.
      It also turns out that there are several thousand of these knock off businesses in Red China at this writing....many different businesses, many different types of products.  The Red Chinese Government has announced immediate measures to deal with the problem.  
      One of my biggest gripes about George Bush....besides removing the Confederate Flag from the State Archives building in 1999 as he went into the Republican GOP Presidential primaries....was his use of the term "ally" when referring to a group of people who see us exclusively as a living organ-donor bank.
       Another set of  observations  fly in the face of the idea that Red China is something other than a huge Cuba.     One is that the per capita income for Red China is less than 1,000 American dollars per person.   The per capita income for Mexico, for instance, is nearly 5,100 American dollars.   For the United States, in spite of O'bama, nearly 30,000 American dollars per person.

           Taking two countries stumbling out of the shadows of socialism, slowly, while we dive headlong into it....Mexico and Canada, and the reader sees a total of "aboot" 140,000,000 people.    Their combined gross national product is about evenly split, and comes to about 6,500,000,000,000.

            This means that 140,000,000 people produce about the same amount as 1,300,000,000 (nine times more people).     Top that off with the fact, that when we consider what most Obamatron types concern themselves with...."social justice"....almost one/fifth of the wealth production for Red China came from Hong Kong....almost one/fifth.....of the wealth production  comes from one/ one thousandth of the population.   So,   0.001%  of the population produces 20% of the value of the economy.   Like the old Soviet Union, the Red Chinese are presently spending over 20% of that GNP of Red China on military outlays.
           And as an ally....the Old Gringo must assume that if Red China is an ally, then it is Belize or perhaps Gabon that is continuously hacking into the Pentagon computers and sending industrial spies and other types of spies to all corners of the United States.    The Red Chinese see the round eyes' children as organ donors for the children of the Communist Party's leadership.

         Finally, we watch the recovering of Japan, as the Old Gringo said they would do.....with their trains running and things coming back into focus.    The Red Chinese made a series of bragging announcements about how they have the great trains....not the French, not the Japanese, and not the Americans.   So far they have managed to have over 150 major wrecks, breakdowns, and system collapses on their vaunted Peking to Shanghai 900 mile - 5 hour train.   There have been 1,000 people killed so far in these incidents.    The last one made it out a bit into the international press....which they first reported to be a malfunction brought on by lightning.....and as having no casualties.   The casualties now total almost 100 dead.....and the cause is unknown with many people being "detained" for an investigation.    A recent scandal revealed that almost 1,000,000,000.00 American dollars worth of Yuan were embezzled, stolen, or "evaporated" during the construction of this hood ornament, low-rider burlesque of a "shovel ready" marxist project.    At least O'bama's favourite Ruhr Valley capitalist group, General Electric, has been managing to sell electric equipment to Peking.

           All the while, the Japanese continue to play baseball, visit their temples and ancestors,  run their trains without fanfair.....only at 180 miles per hour....not 250 miles per hour.   Of course, the Old Gringo would say that 180 mph is a lot faster when it is moving than 250 mph when it is not moving.    Right, Yogi?

(This is a clip from the sleeper compartment of a departing Hokkaido Express train, heading north)

And by the way....Japan, with 1/10th the population of Red China, produces  slightly more when measured the same way as Red China.   Japan, when confronted by the Russians in the early 1900's, outnumbered in the same way, and roughly equal in terms of GNP, destroyed the Russian Navy, pushed the Russians completely out of Manchuria, took back the Sakhalin archipelago, and generally humiliated the House of Romanoff.   Such is the nature of paper Bears.....and paper Tigers. 

Thanks again for the time and interest you all invest with this blog.
El Gringo Viejo