Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Where? Oh! Where? Fast and Furious?? Really??

     These were the days that tired men's souls.
    It is very difficult to engineer a computer application when one understands naught about any of it.   In any regard, our problem is that the URL used in the reformation of our website could not be adapted to the page.   Another URL appeared during the final reconstruction.   The old URL would only access the old webpage that looked like  Fred and Barney  had done it in the garage.    Now the Old Gringo has one that is modernized to the point that it looks like Mrs. Cleaver did it while cooking her famous casserole.    But, it cannot be accessed by the old URL.   So....welcome to North Conundrum.
        After considerable pursuit by Pharaoh's chariots and cavalry, and repeated assaults by Pickett's delayed Brigade, the Old Gringo finally developed a way to essentially hand-change the URL everywhere the webpage is normally accessed.  This will delay the time that new business cards have to be ordered and paid for.    At this time we are requesting that OROGs advise their friends and families to log onto the webpage through the blogsite.  We have three radioactive links placed in the first two paragraphs welcoming the world to  ''A Gringo in Rural Mexico".
               So, after great, nearly incomprehensible effort El Gringo Viejo finally managed to do something that might appear to be miraculous.   But, it might actually have been all luck.   At least there is a predictable channel for OROGs to find the website and the new little tweaking and attachments that have been placed there.    And just imagine, you all don't even have to get your feet wet.   You all enjoy the cyber scenery and the Old Gringo will take care of Pharaoh's men.

       With special reference to the "Fast and Furious" program conducted by the ATF.....inserting automatic weapons into Mexico in order to trace the path those weapons take into the hands of demonic sacks of garbage born with no souls.....this is another reason  why this Old Gringo has always been suspicious of the FBI, and especially the ATF.   This might make me sound like one of the anti-government nut-cases, but the ATF has a record replete with disastrous outcomes.   The FBI, with the approval and prodding of Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno and the Hero of the Battle of Mount Carmel, Gen. Wesley Clark, did manage to kill 42 children because their parents happened to have fewer guns per adult-in-residence than the average Texas household.  It was deemed to be permissible because Hillary Clinton had to be the most intelligent woman on the Planet....nay! the most intelligent human....She took care of her part in the matter later by saying she had nothing to do with it.
         It would have behooved the ATF et. al. to have read the Old Gringo's blog and learned that 90% of the arms and ammunition used by the cartel people come from sources including but not limited to Red China, Viet Nam, Russia, Cuba, Serbia, and Venezuela.  Those are the ones who are deep into the illegal and extra-legal armaments trade.  
         It is lamentable to report that there have been more than a few AR-16 .223 automatic assault rifles (redundant?) that have been purloined by civilian and military personnel on American military installations.  Various National Guard facilities have lost such weapons and ammunition over the years, as well.  some of the losses have been "considerable", although the total number of weapons is very small compared to those imported from the off-shore providers.
         One of the reasons there is so much armament going into Mexico is because the cartel people do not care for their weapons, or care for them correctly.   The Chinese ones, in particular, are knock-offs of the AK-47 and AR-16.    The generally last for about 40 to 50 rounds before becoming useless.
Much is captured by the Mexican armed forces.   There is always a need to be re-supplied and the off-shore dealers do their best to address the demand.    
         The Old Gringo will guard his words.   Oddly, it is for fear of retaliation by the police agencies of the United States of America.    The Old Gringo has to go back and forth across the bridges as a matter of the course of his life.   It is urged however that all readers who might care search the web for the daily stories about what is actually going on within the ranks of those sworn to defend the Nation and its Constitution.    As you all go through the website listings on your various search engines, throw out the Timothy McVeigh anti-government nuts, the anti-Negro nuts, the "nobody is illegal just because he is here" nuts, and the anti-America, communist and national socialist hate America first, push the Jews into the sea nuts........There are various places where reasonable, sworn testimony before Congress and other forums can be retrieved that will curl everyone's hair.  Look it up yourselves, please.

      These things are remembered.     Poor, chubby, Security Guard Richard Jewell who was the hero of the Atlanta Olypics plaza explosion.   His running towards a suspicious package and shouting for people to "Move away!  Get Back!" probably saved 30 or 40 people.   Three were killed or seriously wounded.   His compensation for this was to be hounded by the FBI for the next 20 months as a suspect until the stress finally indirectly, but certainly, caused his premature death.   His attorney indicated that the FBI would repeatedly ransack his mother's home and garage....always waiting until they knew everything had been put back in place, beds remade, drawers re-filled, kitchen and table ware picked up off the floor, nails and tools collected from the garage many as 2o times in 20 months.    Jewell was admonished that the "on-site investigations" by the FBI and ATF agents would stop when Jewell "would finally come clean".     Later, of course, the real bomber was found, primarily by police work done by local Jethros and Bubbas working for Red Neck County Constable's Office in Rebel Yell, Georgia.

    It is truly remarkable when an American has to guard his words in America, except for those whose speech is intended only to destroy this great Nation.

More later....
El Gringo Viejo