Thursday, 16 June 2011

El Gringo Viejo Plays the Role of Grandfather

We try to avoid showing ourselves around too much during these times , but all Anglos look pretty much alike, I presume.  The little one in the pink gown (made up by her "Grammy" as a special gift) on the left is part English/Welsh mongrel, Prussian/Saxon mongrel, and Spanish colonial mongrel.    I guess that makes her a pure-bred Texan.....and an American to boot.   She really is a little beauty, even judging without a curve.    She is also sharp as a tack and very adept at controlling "big people".
      Her "big sister", equally a knock-out and "quick as a whip" as my mother used to say,  is over on the right with a purple and green "Mermaid Dress" made up for special events by her "Grammy".  Her ancestry is exactly the same, of course.   We have difficulty telling which is whom in solo shots when they are at the same age....remember to label such photographs before memories dim.
      This is a picture taken somewhere,  designed to convince the OROG community that my succeeding generations will vindicate my worth.     My daughter and son-in-law have done wonders with both their girls.  It is amazing what selfless investment by simultaneous paternal and maternal influences, guided by a proven catechism, can accomplish.
Thanks for your time and attention.
El Gringo Viejo