Thursday, 16 June 2011

Observations from OROGs

Every now and then we review comments, emails, and other communications from OROGs and others.   It helps keep the lid screwed on.   This time we ran across the letter of a left-handed, right-brained Ph.D. who is one of the "reasonable" people.  This individual was involved with the Old Gringo and with his family back in the days when he was a juvenile deliquent in training, mixed with a bit of a know-it-all preppy and all around "cool guy"  (read: arrogant, self-centered, spoiled, conceited narcissist).   The Old Gringo was...after all...the only "cool guy" in McAllen with a new Kharmann Ghia Volkswagen, and even Playboy Magazine declared that automobile to be the quintessential "Cool Guy" ride.
     In any regard, the comments sent by this individual, who is a tenured professor at Texas's premier public university....the one in College Station - Bryan.....confided some opinions about my political orientation.    The same individual also revealed (confessed) "extreme moderate" views guided that contributor's political leanings.     My response  (once again...everything is about the Old Gringo still) was telling and worth sharing with other OROGs so that you all will know how I try to divy-up the servings on this blog.   We try to keep it interesting and pointed without over-dosing on Lite-mayonaise and low cholesterol rice-cakes.    We recognize that many folks....some of our "followers" this screed to gain a bit of insight into a slightly pro-Mexican rightwing vintage.     So, the entry below is an only slightly redacted response to the OROG from the prestigious University.

  • Thanks for your message,  You are a Trojan for putting up with my rightwing rants....I think you can see my softer edges even in the sputtering and spluttering ..but I appreciate your not jumping on what is left of my bones.   Your environment is a bit different and your point view is certainly filtered by great intelligence, so it is best that we leave political sleeping dogs lie between us as we drift on to the horizon.
  • I normally try to do 1/3 rightwing meltdown, 1/3 Mexico geography, good, bad, history, politics, archeology, anthropology, sociology, demographics, weather & climate, business and commerce, and 1/3 personal history, activities, and life in a rural area in a homemade, handmade adobe home on a beautiful River in front of the beautiful mountains.
  • Later
  • Thanks for making the coffee
  • The Old Gringo

       You all will notice my guiding formula.....rather much like mixing up the pitches in baseball.   Hope you all enjoy this "kinder and gentler" look at the Old Gringo.  Now, back to the Wars.....
El Viejo Gringo Vengador