Sunday, 12 June 2011

About Things in General

     Days continue to pass at our little place and yet nothing really happens.   No bad things anyway.   That life continues, the cats and dogs come round and by for their feedings and attention....seeking their favourite cool spots to hide from the effusions of gamma and beta soakings sent down from an angry Tropical Sun.   The bigger trees continue to do well, in spite of the lack of rain, because they are still soaked  at the roots due to last wet season's heavy soakings and inundations.
       The main problem we are all watching out for is the fire issue.   There is just so much Johnson grass and other low growing "yerba" (green undergrowth, among the various interpretations....everything depends upon context with the word.    It can even mean marijuana or mint).    At the moment all the previous fires have run their course.    Real damage anywhere around us is minimal, because the fires have been incidental, like roadside situations.   Strategically, a case could be made that we might be in an advantageous situation because so much has been burned we are found in a doughnut hole of green, surrounded by already blackened areas.     These blackened areas are important because they are the ones with the dense grass that is most likely to flare up and invade the really thick tropical forests at the foot of the mountains' skirts.

      We simply wait for rain.   The hurricane season is upon us, and we are willing.....very trade a medium hurricane for what we have now. 

          While the normal OROG is tired of me responding to this question, it continues to be asked.  I shall be brief.   To this point I still have not seen or been involved in any "situation of risk" in terms of the on-going wars between the traffickers and the efforts by the military and police to eliminate the plague that besets almost every country in the New World at this time.     It should be pointed out that every time the President has declared increased troop commitment into this State, he has complied.    The military has complied, and their efforts have paid off with steadily improving social climate here and elsewhere in the State.
            The war is assymetrical, so it takes a thousand well-trained military people to eliminate 10 cockroaches per week.  We have 60,000 naval infantry and soldiers in the two adjacent States of Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon now.    It is expensive.   It is necessary.  The alternative is to have Detroit or any other such  major American city's central urban situation  as the new norm and constant.

       That is my brief up-date and response to a few questions recently posed by reasonable people who are asking reasonable questions based upon what information is available to them.

More Later,
El Gringo Viejo