Tuesday, 17 May 2011

More Questions of Important Inconsequentiality (try that one, O'Reilly)

     Other questions that have come in.    There are answers and/or observations  included. But first.....

      Some nice person has become a "follower" which is something like an assistant OROG.    A follower can, if he or she wishes, log on to our site on a permanent basis.    The "follower" also annotates that he or she is a follower so that  "followers" can tag on to the "follower"  of the first and second part.
    Our latest follower is an individual who is concerned about matters related to immigration rights and border issues.   While we apparently differ on a score of pivotal issues, it may be that the Old Gringo's slightly reasonable stance in terms of treatment of Mexico-based issues has attracted our "follower" and that individual should know that his or her presence here is an honor for the Gringo Viejo.

Does Mexico have such a thing as a voter registration....and a voter's ID?

Yes, Mexico has voter registration:
      It should be pointed out to "followers" and "leaders" alike that Mexico has a far better voter registration card....known as a "credencial federal electoral" .....than what we have in Texas.    It is a nationally issued document, not State by State.   Theirs is on very hard, high quality plastic.   It has a very recent picture of the full-face, taken on the day of registration, and the person must present a "registro civil' record of birth and evidence concerning place of residence so as to assign the correct voting precinct.  Signature and thumbprint appear on the front of the credential as well.    The person returns after the registration when a short time has elapsed and takes possession of the card, after being verified visually and then signing in the same manner as when registering on the first visit.
      Our Texas voter's registration is a piece of flimsy cardboard with a false swearing warning on the back.
       So, when our Democrat friends tell us we are racists....which is every time we breathe....because we want a picture ID for voters.....please advise them that the Mexicans have a picture and vitae proprius data on a much more permanent "platform".   I like their system better....it even weeds out double registrations.   The entry below describes the process and the cards the Old Gringo is familiar with....

a) an invisible watermark on the back of the card;
b) two watermarks on the photographic paper, one visible and the other invisible;
c) a hologram of the logo of the Federal Electoral Institute partially covering the lower left part of the photograph;
d) a digital laser-printed photograph of the card bearer's face;
e) ... components that self-destruct if the card is altered in any way;
f) the signature of the card holder;
g) a bar code covered by a black band that appears under infrared light;
h) a series of numbers specific to each card;
i) a digital fingerprint of the index finger of the card holder;
j) under black light, several national shields and the card holder's name appear;
k) under black light, the letters "IFE" appear on the card bearer's photograph;
l) micro-text printing;
m) four numbers on the "section" that correspond to the four first numbers on the back of the card, which, with the nine other numbers, correspond to the OCR [optical character recognition];
n) a card thickness of 0.76 millimeters, which adheres to the international standard (Mexico n.d.b.).

Let me make one thing perfectly clear.

       This site is not one which endorses in any way the concept of "no one is illegal".....or that free movement over the border is a right.   No nation can be identified nor long will it exist if it does not identify its own boundaries, and identify who can cross those boundaries legally.

      As a resident alien in Mexico, I am required to show proof that I can support myself without being employed or doing unauthorized business.  I am given a one year permit which does allow me to buy and sell land, build and own a home,  have an imported auto, and certain other concessions.   The permit costs around 100 dollars and it is paid to a bank which issues a receipt to be delivered to the Secretariat of Government.   My auto permit is paid to the Military Bank, and they issue a similar receipt which I keep along with my other immigration papers.    I am required to promise not to invoke the American military in any land or business dispute with which I might be associated.     I am allowed to join any government or private medical program at my free will, or I can choose to pay as I go....which sounds a bit ominous.
         As a foreigner, I am prohibited from evangelizing or proselyting  for or against any religion or denomination, although attendance of any religious services regardless of denomination is a constitutionally protected right.    No political activity is permitted....voting, marching in parades, writing or declaring political opinion pieces to the media are all prohibited.
      The commission of any serious crime is grounds for immediate escort to the middle of the bridge, only after having paid fines, damages, and time in detention if required.     That is the short form agreement for a Norteamericano to endorse before he is considered a legal resident.   I abide by these rules.

More later.    As always your time and attention are appreciated.
El Gringo Viejo