Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Another Try...

     The Old Gringo is heading back down to the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre.   It has become an unpleasant  task at times trying to say something on this screed.   The issues that matter, and the thoughts that I think, cannot be expressed in the round because there is a possibility of offence to someone.   If one cares for liberty and the concept of self-sufficiency, such thoughts cannot be expressed.....because it can somehow be construed as offensive or racist or insensitive.
       If a person is of the Negro race or of one of the many forms of Latin heritage, he loses his genealogical extraction because he is conservative?     The oddity, as I quickly leave the topic, of Harry Reid (d-nevada) a great and famous socialist labour leader can say "I cannot envision how a Hispanic (sic) person could ever vote Republican" is compelling.   He does not see the perfection of his own arrogant form of racism and ethnic bigotry.    He is saying, "All you funny coloured people who are almost as good as real people...like those of us who take care of you.... You must approve of us and the way we provide for you better than you can provide for yourselves.....because you funny looking coloured people really cannot provide for yourselves as well as we can"......Right-side brain thinking at its best.
       How strange that Harry Reid's son loses an election for the governorship of Nevada in 2010 to a Republican conservative who happened to have Mexican and other ancestry.....a candidate who received a huge majority of "Anglo" votes.   The conservatives, as usual, voted for a person on the basis of philosophy and not on the basis of ethnicity.....because Harry Reid's son was one of those milky-pasty white-skinned  people. (too much sun-screen)
       And steadily, the Latino voters are fooling the ethno-fools who assume that they can lead groups of people to the Dung Heaps for Chairman Mao and the Slavery of the Safety Net.

     The War for the Republic is of the  producers  against the consumers.    The War for the Republic of Mexico is between the producers and  builders against the consumers and destroyers.  Such is the case for each of our nations.  Such is the case for all nations.  Comprehensive welfare systems lead to sloth and cultural rot.  Nationally sponsored public assistance  programs are a siren song to lead a nation into slavery.  On our present route, all our grandchildren will be chambermaids and servants tending the tables of the Kennedy's and the Pelosi's grandchildren.    There can be no doubt.  On this route, our fate will be to grovel for crumbs under the tables of the Socialist Elitists.
        There are rumblings of restorative revolt, by people of all types, stripes, colours, and persuasions which might possibly come to effective force in time to save the Republic.  We shall see.

         It was reasonably brought to my attention that we failed to include various excellent alternatives for people who are deranged enough to think about retiring or semi-retiring in Mexico.     There are many, many more places that have AAA minor league to major league medical facilities within a 3 day drive of your place, and where potable water can be obtained once every month.    All OROGs who are  new can simply scroll down, half-way to Red China to find reference to such alternatives.
       Because these matters are reasonably of concern....the Old Gringo includes herein places that have equivalent or better security situations to equivalent places in the United States or Texas.
         If a person wants or can stand cold, cool, dry, and high (8,800 fasl) he should check out the doll house city of Zacatecas.   Lore, history, stunning architecture....(stunning).....religious museums that are fall-down flabbergasting, and once again good eats and libations. It is the highest  State Capital in Mexico, as well as all of Latin America.    Look it up.

         Another excellent place was called to my attention by my daughter's father-in-law quite recently.    The City of Puebla, State of Puebla is a peculiar place.    It is the site of the battleground of the the Battle of the Fortress of Loreto that was won by an outnumbered and outgunned Mexican Army fighting against a mighty French Army led by Legionnaire Zappers...thought to be the bravest, best trained, and most capable combat engineers in the world at the time (5 May 1862).    The French never really regained their  poise internationale  after that loss, even though they did recover sufficiently to impose Maximiliano von Hapsburg on the "Cactus Throne" as Emperor of Mexico for a few short years. 
       Puebla is the home of Volkswagen of Mexico.   It is a PROFOUNDLY COMELY city.   It is entirely lower-middle class, upper-middle class, and extreme upper class (titled people, not nouveaux riche).    The "despair and abject poverty" level is less than 1%.     It is"almost totally red" with a huge Otomi' Indian group and "almost totally white" with a huge Caucasian group composed of various white tribes, such as Spanish, Italian, German, French, British-Anglo, American-Anglo communities.   It is culturally and politically a conservative bastion.
Puebla Mexico Skyline
 Residential and university areas of western Puebla city, looking west
towards Mexico City.   Popocatepetl with its glacial snow cap in the
background.   The snow cap is greater during the summer
because that is the "rainy season".
         It is a place where the people quickly point out that, "we have all the best of Mexico City and none of the bad".    Also, one of their quick advisories to newcomers is "If you want to see Mexico City's famous signature permanently snow-capped mountains Popocatepetl and Ixtaccihuatl, they are best seen from Puebla.".     It lies on the east side of those mountains while Mexico City is on the west side....shrouded in smog.   (It should be pointed out, however, that air quality in Mexico City has improved considerably over that last few years.)    Puebla is separated from the National Capital by those 18.000 fasl mountains and by 140 kilometers of advanced toll roads.    It is also a fairly short run to nice Gulf Coast beaches and Vera Cruz City as well as to Oaxaca, Oaxaca,  both by toll road.

     I hope this opens up more understanding of the peculiar Mexican condition and circumstance.   Also, it should serve to advise all OROGs that the Old Gringo is myopic and forgetful....so each should do his own research over and above what appears on these feeble pages.
El Gringo Viejo