Monday, 16 May 2011

Back from Central Texas

We returned late yesterday afternoon after putting up with a bit of a problem with the brake lights / turn indicators on the drive down.    Amazingly, the Old Gringo managed to effect a repair with his own grubby little fingers.    The problem resulted from some efforts of an over-zealous repair-type person  who tried to jam the bulb receptor into its proper place during some distant-in-time incident.   In any regard, that was done, and to this point has not been undone.
     More importantly, of course, was the attendence of our son's graduation from Southwest Texas State's School of Philosophy with a BA degree.   We learned that he was offerred a place in their graduate school for the coming session, so it will be a seamless transfer of objective.    He will follow the route of his PH.d. grandfather and uncle and become an over-educated curmudgeon as a younger man.....thereby displacing his under-educated, over-aged father in the curmudgeon ranks.    The Old Gringo will now be free to join in Al Gore's Eco-decomposition landfill, where all old curmudgeons go when they are too mean to put into the Soylent Green vat.  I feel as though a great weight has been lifted from me.
       Much time was spent with other family.   My daughter and her husband and their two look-alike, act-alike daughters.....who are the treasures of my better son.....and my comperes (the parents of my son-in-law) all ate well and rubbed elbows.    They are all summarily pleasant people, generous to a fault, and interesting intellectually.
          There was a terrific rain, lightning, and tornado-bearing storm complex that impeded our arrival to Central Texas.    Some places received as much as eight inches of precipitation.    Many places clocked winds in excess of 80 miles per hour.   This was from near Del Rio and Eagle Pass west-southwest of San Antonio through to Corpus Christi, and to 50 miles either side of that line.   So, even with all the wind, it was a needed break in the mini-drought.
     There was a bit of rain and stormyness coming back down yesterday as well but nowhere near as extreme.    All moisture falling from the sky was appreciated.

     The Quinta is happily receiving the rains that should be falling now.   The seasonal drought that always seems to surprize the populace has been replaced by seasonal rains that equally surprize the populace.   One can envision, without having to be there, old Prince standing in the downpour, trying to catch the big raindrops with his sloppy, floppy tougue.

There is a lot of good news on the social order front.   We have had a period of calm in the Victoria area.    I am accused of being a cheerleader for insanity, so I shan't belabour the point beyond to say that the day will be carried by the military and by those who are in solidarity with courage, nobility of purpose, and who attempt to comply with the task of building rather than tearing down.

More  later.   Thanks for your attention.
El Gringo Viejo